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’60 Minutes’ Gets Heated Blowback for DeSantis Takedown Masked as Investigative Journalism

    On Sunday night, ’60 Minutes’ rolled out a selectively edited hit job on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. It was driven by a politically biased agenda to take down a rising star in the Republican Party who many believe may have presidential ambitions in the future.

    The relative success of the State of Florida in responding to a pandemic that threatens its sizable elderly population, while maintaining a reasonable degree of public freedom and respect for citizens’ rights, has been a constant thorn in the side to Democrats who have been long on fear and short on facts addressing the COVID risks.

    The supposed controversy turns on whether or not Florida Governor Ron DeSantis gave a favorable vaccine contract to Publix, Florida’s most widely available grocery store, to assist with the vaccine rollout in exchange for a $100,000 contribution to a PAC.

    The “pay-to-play” scandal allegation surfaced last month after Sharyn Alfonsi lobbed accusations at Governor DeSantis at a press conference. The “60 Minutes” episode on Sunday dropped context that would have done much to give the audience the impression that there is ‘no story there.’

    The segment was so one-sided and unfair, not just to the governor but to Florida’s entire representative government, that the blowback against the one-time respectable investigative news show has been furious. It is illustrative to merely give the observations of skilled media observers below.

    Along with the revelations that shot giant holes in CBS’s narrative, were allegations about the real reason that the network ran the misleading story.

    The parting shot.



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