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Biden Staff Quickly Shoo Away Reporters After Bizarre Moment at Visit to Small Business in D.C.

    President Joe Biden made a visit to a local business on Tuesday and a moment of awkwardness occurred as the appearance ended.

    “I said we’re the oldest hardware store in D.C.,” the store’s staff member said. “I also say we are the greenest hardware store in America. We have two urban farms in our building… they exist on our rooftop. But you’re not going to be able to see it from here, but if you want to give a wave…”

    “I see ’em,” Biden said to observers above him. “Don’t jump, we need you,” he said, drawing laughs.

    Then Biden slowly walked away and then backed away from the press. The reporters started shouting questions before Biden’s handlers began shooing them out.

    “Let’s go. Come on guys, let’s go,” you could hear several times amid the ruckus.

    “The crisis at the border, sir,” one reporter shouted.

    “Let’s go, guys,” you can hear as Biden’s staff moved reporters away from the president.

    President Biden has not given a proper press briefing in his 47 full days in office. On Tuesday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki claimed that Biden had taken over 40 Q & As, although many of those questions asked were pre-screened.


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