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Adam Kinzinger Suffers Devastating Political Blow in His Home State of Illinois

    Rep. Adam Kinzinger, self-imagined Trump nemesis and the sobbing simp on Nancy Pelosi’s Jan. 6 committee, just received some devastating political news.

    He’s out. Or, that is, he soon will be, after his seat is removed through redistricting in his home state of Illinois.

    Newsmax’s Emerald Robinson also shared the news:

    The most hilarious piece of news coming out of this is that Kinzinger anticipated this and declared he will seek higher office if this dark day for his political future ever arrived.

    “Rep. Adam Kinzinger, the most prominent Republican in Illinois, said if Democrats carve up his congressional district in the pending remap, he would consider a statewide run for senator or governor in 2022,” the Chicago Sun Times earlier reported.

    The virulent Never Trumper Kinzinger recently unveiled his secret weapon of crying effusively during the Jan. 6 recap-of-the-recap hearings in early July.

    “I never expected today to be quite emotional for me as it has been,” Kinzinger said while choking up.

    He had been smiling and thanking colleagues only moments before.

    “I think it’s important to tell you right now, though,” he went on. “You guys may like feel individually a little broken, about the effects you have to deal with, about the impact of that day,” he said to police officers before the committee.

    “But you guys won,” he said as he tried to call forth tears. “You guys held.”

    “You know, Democracies are not defined by our bad days,” he added. “We’re defined by how we come back from bad days.”

    Now, Adam Kinzinger will have every chance to prove that he can come back from “bad days” in the future. As for now, it looks like he will soon be out of a job.


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