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CNN’s Jim Acosta Shows ‘Struggle is Real’ Without Trump, Gets Panned for Trump ‘Update’

Amid the ‘scintilating’ impeachment trial that is getting barely a blip of viewership and had Senator Bernie Sanders nodding off, CNN’s Jim Acosta gave America a real blast from the past about what President Trump is up to now.

CNN’s Jim Acosta gave the pathetic update:

Trump was golfing? Stop the presses!

Then President Trump golfed with Japanese Prime Minister Abe in 2018. Image credit: The White House.

The insinuation that Donald Trump doesn’t deserve to golf amid all of the Democrats’ overcharged phony statements at the impeachment trial riled up some defenders for the now-private citizen.

It seems like Trump Derangement Syndrome has turned into Trump Withdrawal Syndrome. How long before CNN begs Trump to come back?

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