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‘Not a Mask in Sight’: Celebs are Pouring Into Martha’s Vineyard for Obama’s Massive 60th Birthday Bash

The mask is off for former President Barack Obama’s massive 60th birthday celebration being held on his $12 million estate in Martha’s Vineyard on Wednesday. Celebrities have begun pouring in for the celebration, including Beyonce, Jay-Z, Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks and George Clooney.

The A-listers are staying at the nearby Winnetu resort, where a three-hour cocktail party was held with Obama himself on Friday night. There was “not a mask in sight” according to the Daily Mail.

Only one masked man pulled up to the party in an automobile, according to the Daily Mail. The CDC recently updated its mask guidance to include the vaccinated indoors, particularly in hot spots for virus transmission. The party seemed to take place mostly outdoors, as can be seen from this deckshot from BackGrid.

An immense amount of public pressure on the former Democratic president and his allies built up this week after public outrage over the double standards for the elitists and the ‘peasant’ masses.

“Talk about a super-spreader event,” Fox News’ Tucker Carlson said on Tuesday.

“We’re basically back to medieval Europe, where it’s the same 400 people who go to all the parties,” guest Mark Steyn said in the hit. “As you know, Obama’s got Oprah and George Clooney, just as Oprah and George Clooney went to Harry and Meghan’s wedding, even though they never met either of them.”

“I mean you have to feel sorry for George and Oprah,” he continued, “just going to the parties of people you don’t know is a really sad and miserable existence.”

“But I have to say, when you look at this, 500 guests, 200 fawning footmen and under butlers, what’s interesting to me is the way that people are actually perfectly happy with this,” Steyn said, adding, “A disturbing number of people are quite happy to be subjects.”

“They say “Oh yeah, I couldn’t go to granny’s 90th birthday, but it’s perfectly fine for Barack Obama to have 500 people because our rulers are so much better than us,” Steyn said.

“The fierce egalitarian spirit of American society is dying and that’s our fault,” Tucker said in agreement.

While it was claimed that the guest list was being scaled down from nearly 500 guests and 200 wait staff for the birthday celebration, and it would be a private affair between family and friends, Friday’s shindig at the Winnetu proves this is not the case.

John Legend, Chrissy Tiegen, and NBA legend Dwyane Wade were also in attendance for the party on Friday, as well as “climate envoy” John Kerry, who was confirmed to have flown in on a private jet. No act of in-your-face or even on-your-face hypocrisy is too far for these sanctimonious charlatans.

Massive tent cities have even been staked out on Obama’s estate, but they aren’t for the homeless. They are for the pampered celebrities, who believe that rules such as universal mandatory masking, even for toddlers and children who have to sit in hot schools for 8-hours a day, are for plebes and not for them.

America’s “ruling class” isn’t even hiding it anymore. While political elites and celebrities yuck it up on a multi-million estate, sipping Cristal and laughing about the good life, the Biden administration will be rolling out more ways to damage our livelihoods and infringe on our freedoms.

The nation is indeed turning into Medieval Europe. That’s what the tiny subset of elites who rule this country call “progress.”


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