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President Biden ‘Jokes’ About Invading Russia

President Joe Biden ‘joked’ about invading Russia at a press conference in Geneva, Switzerland on the final day of his ‘train wreck’ foreign trip on Wednesday. Watch:

“And understand, when you run a country that does not abide by international norms, and yet you need those international norms to be somehow managed so that you can participate in the benefits that flow from them, it hurts you,” he said. “That’s not a satisfying answer: ‘Biden said he’d invade Russia.’ You know, it is not — you know.”

“By the way, that was a joke,” he said, accompanied by the equivalent of crickets chirping. “That’s not true.”

“But my generic point is, it is — it is more complicated than that.”

The joke fell flat — but the ‘scary’ part is Biden’s view of foreign policy. Little noticed was an admission about how he viewed the summit with Putin.

“I mean, I — look, guys, I know we make foreign policy out to be this great, great skill that somehow is, sort of, like a secret code,” he said. “Pract- — all foreign policy is, is a logical extension of personal relationships.  It’s the way human nature functions.”

The remark following his meeting with Putin displays an extreme naivete that suggests U.S. relations with Russia are on track for disaster. Biden’s expressed belief that foreign policy is a function of human relationships is exactly the kind of misguided belief a former KGB operative could exploit to the fullest.

Obscuring Biden’s hapless approach to the meeting with Putin is the U.S. media’s pathetic attempt to make the U.S. president look relatively ‘tough.’

CNN’s Jim Sciutto propped up Biden with his propagandistic read of body language. But Putin here is actually disrespecting Biden and smiling glibly at the camera. Note also they are shaking hands; Biden had earlier “bumped elbows” with world leaders such as Boris Johnson.

The meeting between Putin and Biden also showed that the Russian leader was confident, while the U.S. president was relying on “flashcards.”

If Biden truly believed that foreign policy wasn’t complicated and was a function of “human relations,” then perhaps he wouldn’t have brought his flashcards. Nonetheless, Biden apparently does what he is told, lest he get “in trouble.”

After the summit, when Biden was pressed by CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins about the meeting, he snapped at her.

“Why are you so confident [Putin] will change his behavior, Mr. President?” she asked.

“I’m not confident I’m going to change his behavior. What the hell? What do you do all the time? When did I say I was confident? I said….let’s get it straight….” Biden snapped, adding that perhaps Collins was “in the wrong business.” He later apologized.

Biden also gave Putin custom aviator glasses, and a crystal sculpture of an American Bison, a White House official said. But the real “gift” to Putin was the U.S. president’s incredible naivete dealing with one of the most cunning and ruthless leaders in the world.


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