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President Biden’s Pre-Emptive Airstrike on ISIS-K ‘Terrorists’ Actually Killed a Lot of Kids

    The pre-emptive airstrike on Sunday that reportedly disrupted an ISIS-K attack on Kabul airport has reportedly killed Afghan civilians, in addition to purported “terrorists.” The terrible possibility was acknowledged by CENTCOM in a press release on late Sunday night issued by U.S. Central Command Spokesman Capt. Bill Urban, USN.

    “We are aware of reports of civilian casualties following our strike on a vehicle in Kabul today,” CENTCOM said. “We are still assessing the results of this strike, which we know disrupted an imminent ISIS-K threat to the airport. We know that there were substantial and powerful subsequent explosions resulting from the destruction of the vehicle, indicating a large amount of explosive material inside that may have caused additional casualties. It is unclear what may have happened, and we are investigating further.”

    “We would be deeply saddened by any potential loss of innocent life,” the CENTCOM spokesperson added.

    Family members who claim the U.S. strike killed 9 people provided a list of names and photos on the casualties. CNN reported that the number had grown to ten by Monday.

    The list shows that two 2-year-olds, a 3-year-old, and a 4-year-old were killed in the air strike. This will further erode confidence in the U.S.’ purported efforts to protect the lives and well-being of women and children after the Taliban takeover.

    There was also footage of the airstrike’s aftermath in the international media.

    “Ten members of one family — including seven children — were killed in a US drone strike targeting a vehicle in a residential neighborhood of Kabul,” a relative of the dead told CNN.

    “The youngest victims of Sunday’s airstrike were two 2-year-old girls, according to family member,” the CNN report added.

    The New York Times also reported on the civilian casualties, along with the Pentagon’s claim that the strike actually prevented a terrorist attack.

    “Hours after a U.S. military drone strike in Kabul on Sunday, Defense Department officials said that it had blown up a vehicle laden with explosives, eliminating a threat to Kabul’s airport from the Islamic State Khorasan group,” the NY Times said.

    “But at a family home in Kabul on Monday, survivors and neighbors said the strike had killed 10 people, including seven children, an aid worker for an American charity organization and a contractor with the U.S. military,” the Times added.

    The Pentagon addressed the reports in a press conference on Monday.

    On Sunday, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) said that the Predator drone strike actually came from the United Arab Emirates, and took anywhere between “six to eight hours.” If Bagram Air Base had been maintained, he said a drone strike could have gotten to the target “within minutes.”

    The Biden administration is now willing to kill civilians to give the American people the impression that it is tough on ‘terrorism’ and will protect its troops and its people. These reports indicate that it is all a smokescreen, just like everything else with this presidency.


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