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A Major Election Watcher Has Just Called the Virginia Governor’s Race for Glenn Youngkin

The Commonwealth of Virginia’s next governor will be Glenn Youngkin, according to widely respected Cook Political Report elections expert Dave Wasserman.

“I’ve seen enough: Glenn Youngkin (R) defeats Terry McAuliffe (D) in the Virginia governor’s race,” Wasserman tweeted.

In addition, the Virginia attorney general’s race was also called, although it is still early on Election Night.

Nonetheless, the governor’s race is far from over due to a last minute hail mary’ from Fairfax County. The commonwealth’s most populous county announced that it is experiencing ‘delays’ and will need to ‘re-scan ballots,’ as Becker News earlier reported.

“Terry McAuliffe’s campaign says Fairfax County will not meet their self-imposed deadline of 8pm to count early votes,” Virginia Capitol Bureau reporter Jackie DeFusco reported. “Meanwhile, the campaign says they’re encouraged by voter turnout in Falls Church and Prince William, which apparently have surpassed 2017 totals.”

“NEW INFO: Terry McAuliffe’s campaign says a portion of the early votes in Fairfax County need to be rescanned and there is no set timeline for that yet,” DeFusco noted in an update. “His staff says that could delay the results.”

Even with Fairfax County election officials scrambling to find the votes for the Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe, Youngkin is outperforming even Donald Trump in the 2020 election. It bodes well for the Youngkin candidacy, but the election fight is not over.


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