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Man Driving a Jeep Patriot Assaults Four Freedom Convoy Protesters in Winnipeg (Graphic Video)

    Four “Freedom Convoy” supporters were assaulted at a Winnpeg protest on Friday night. An attacker driving a Jeep Patriot recklessly ran over multiple people and put others’ lives at risk.

    Warning: Graphic and disturbing video.

    The Winnipeg police were able to apprehend a 42-year old man and book him with numerous charges, including assault with a weapon.

    “On February 4, 2022, at 9:50 p.m., Winnipeg Police were advised of a motor vehicle collision near Broadway and Memorial Boulevard,” the police report read. “The initial information was that a westbound Jeep Patriot had driven through a group of protesters that were part of the Freedom Convoy at the Legislative grounds.”

    “The Jeep fled west down Portage Avenue, where numerous witnesses reported it travelling at high speeds and passing through red lights,” the report continued.

    “With the assistance of the RCMP, WPS officers were able to stop the vehicle in the 4800 block of Portage Ave. at approximately 10:30 p.m. The lone male driver was arrested after a brief struggle.

    “The Jeep struck four adult males,” the report added. “Three sustained minor injuries that did not require medical attention. The fourth was treated in hospital and released.”

    The Winnipeg police tried to downplay that the incident was necessarily politically driven.

    “Some comments he made after his arrest suggested that his motivation was not specifically about the underlying causes of the protests or the mandates,” public information officer Constable Rob Carver said in a press statement.

    “I think police everywhere, and specifically in Winnipeg, view these situations as potentially volatile. There are strong opinions being expressed … anytime you have a situation like that there’s a potentially for tempers to flare and possibly some violence,” Carver told reporters. “We have done everything we can, or that we are prepared to do at this point to ensure the safety of people in the area.”

    The potentially deadly incident nonetheless underscores that these Freedom Convoy protesters are putting their lives on the line to stand up for human rights; both in Canada, and around the world.


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