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Now Another Canadian Province is Caving to Freedom Convoy Protesters — Will End Covid Mandates

    Keep on truckin’. That’s the message another Canadian province is sending to Freedom Convoy protesters who are demanding their right to medical health freedom.

    On Monday, Saskatchewan joined Alberta in motioning to lift Covid mandates in the imminent future. Premier Scott Moe made the announcement. Watch:

    “Let’s not judge our neighbor, because they may vaccinated or because they may not be vaccinated,” Moe said.

    “Let’s not judge our neighbor if they should choose to wear a mask or not to choose to wear a mask in the weeks ahead,” he went on.

    Premier Moe then announced that it is now “time for each of us as individuals to make a conscience effort to treat everyone  in our daily lives that we encounter equally,” he added.

    “It’s also time for the proof of vaccination mandate to end,” he said. “So, effective at midnight this Sunday on February the 13th, all provincial proof of vaccination requirements will end.”

    Premier Moe also stated that proof of negative test would no longer be a requirement for indoor establishments, as well.

    Saskatchewan’s lifting of Covid mandates follows upon similar moves being made around the world, as well as in the Canadian province of Alberta.

    “As people protesting public health measures related to COVID-19 continued to impede traffic in southern Alberta … Premier Jason Kenney announced his government would be announcing a path forward for the lifting of public health measures next week, acknowledging many Albertans are sick of having limitations on their lives,” Global News Canada reported.

    Premier Kenney announced in a Facebook livestream that a plan to lift the Covid measures is underway.

    “Early next week, the COVID cabinet committee will approve a plan for the careful lifting of public health measures, beginning with the restriction exemption program,” Kenney said. “We introduced this proof of vaccination program reluctantly to avoid a catastrophe in our hospitals during the Delta wave in September when Alberta and Saskatchewan were hit hardest because we had the lowest level of vaccination in Canada.”

    “Kenney says Alberta is in a better place due to higher levels of vaccination and great immunity from past COVID recoveries,” local outlet City News reported.

    “But the plan to end the restrictions exemption program is just the start,” the City News report added. “Kenney says more removals will occur in the near future.”

    “We will also lay out a simple phased plan to remove almost all public health restrictions later this month,” the premier continued, qualifying, “as long as we see a trend of declining pressure on our hospitals.”

    Calgary and other regional public health officials and stakeholders pushed back on the Alberta premier’s statements.

    “He says if the province moves ahead with lifting public health measures, but cities implement their own policies, it would be a great concern in a series of tweets,” City News noted.

    But Kenney’s statement is a breaking of the ice that is likely to cause fracturing among the stakeholders with a vested interest in perpetuating the Covid restrictions. It is also likely to move public sentiment in the direction of lifting the mandates.

    “My message to those who are frustrated about COVID(-19) policies is this: I hear you loud and clear,” Kenney said. “You are right to point to the damaging impact of restrictions.”

    After Kenney made the announcement, he pleaded that the peaceful protests remain legal and do not cause major disruption.

    “While I sympathize with and agree with many of the messages being sent by convoy protests over the past week, let me just underscore that a society built on the rule of law cannot accept protests that block critical infrastructure, that disrupts communities and countless law-abiding citizens,” he said.

    The Mayor of Ottawa, meanwhile, earlier warned that the city is “losing the battle” against mandate protests. As Slate reported:

    Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson said protesters far outnumber police and authorities are “losing this battle” against the demonstrators that have camped out in Canada’s capital for 10 days.

    “The situation at this point is completely out of control because the individuals with the protest are calling the shots,” Watson said on a local radio station. “They have far more people than we have police officers.”

    Thus, there is evidence the Freedom Convoy protests have extracted meaningful concessions from the Canadian government.

    Truckers, farmers, ranchers, and their supporters figured out that they cannot ‘comply our way out of this.’ It is now up to Americans and the rest of the world to learn the lesson and follow suit.

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