The White House had some unexpected visitors on Saturday night, as dozens of pro-Hamas demonstrators surrounded the capitol grounds and staged a ‘mini-insurrection.’

The protesters screamed vocal support for Palestine/Hamas at the Secret Service and even defied orders to stop hanging a flag on the fence.

“Secret Service attempted to take down “Stop attack on Gaza” banner that’s hanging on the White House Gates right now, protesters put it back up,” reported Oliya Scootercaster.

“The White House’s NW entrance has been smeared with red paint and protesters are pushing on gate,” reported Steven Nelson of the New York Post.

Nelson also reported the chants of “allahu akbar,” adding that he heard this was also chanted at “multiple points along the fence.”

Then came the chanting. “F*** Joe Biden” they shouted outside the White House.

“‘F**k Joe Biden’ – chants outside White House as tens of thousands Pro-Palestine protesters are outside demanding to Free Palestine, some attempting to climb the gate,” Scootercaster noted.

Last week, pro-Palestinian protesters laid siege to Grand Central Station in the heart of New York City, chanting slogans like “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will Be Free,” (meaning, “free” from the existence of Israel).

The chant is reflective of the origin statement of Hamas, the terrorist organization that runs the Gaza Strip, and which undertook the savage attack on Israeli civilians on October 7.

Jewish Voice for Peace, a radical group that the Anti Defamation League has called “anti-Israel,” put together the protest, which happened at the same time that Israel stepped up its military actions in Gaza.

JVP is the same group that staged what critics derisively referred to as an “insurrection” at the Capitol on October 18. The Cannon building, one of the buildings in the Capitol complex, was taken over, leading to a disruption of official proceedings.

It should be noted that if MAGA/America First supporters had pulled such protests at the nation’s capitol, they would already be in a D.C. gulag awaiting trial for an “insurrection.”


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