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‘Ready to Die for the Cause’: White Southern Man Posts Video-Manifesto on D.C. Bomb Threat

A white, self-described ‘southern’ man has posted a video manifesto explaining his reason for making multiple bomb threats that have led to a lockdown of the nation’s capitol.

The video was obtained by the Huffington Post’s Ryan Reilly and posted to Twitter.

“The revolution is on,” he said. “I’m ready to die for the cause.”

“The south’s here,” the man added. “There’s five of us spreading all across your little DC part here.”

The news comes as there is also a bomb threat in New York City that has led to the evacuation of portions of Times Square.

Americans were wondering what bad news was going to take Biden’s Afghanistan disaster off the front page headlines. It looks like they have their answer.

Earlier, multiple bomb threats in Washington D.C. were reported. The Capitol Police have reportedly contacted a suspect with a detonator who has informed the authorities there are vehicles with possible explosive devices positioned around the city.

A picture of the suspect, who is in a black pickup truck, surrounded by dollar bills on the pavement, can be seen below:

“Sydney Bobb, 22, a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, said she was on her way to a Race in Politics class near the Library of Congress at about 9.25am when she noticed a man in a black pickup truck shouting that he had a bomb,” the Independent noted.

“I was walking on that block because that’s where I go to class. He was shouting that he had a bomb. And then he threw money out the side of the truck,” Ms. Bobb told The Independent by phone.

“The U.S. Capitol is on lock down due to a bomb threat, per WH official,” OANN’s Camryn Kinsey reported. “Update: There are unconfirmed reports of a male in possession of a detonator, per WH official.”

“U.S. Capitol Police are monitoring the ongoing investigation,” the report continued. “NOW: The individual is said to have told authorities that there are other vehicles containing possible explosive devises planted throughout the D.C. area.”

“There are no reports indicating officials have vehicle descriptions or knowledge of locations at this time,” the reporter added. You can watch the response live below:

“I got a bad feeling about this one,” a reporter who says he has covered a hundred bomb threats said. “I’ve got a real bad feeling about this one.”

The suspect claimed to have “propane tank” in his vehicle, but law enforcement have not confirmed explosive materials,” the Independent reported.

The Capitol Police Chief earlier gave a press conference on the bomb threat and the suspect.

The Capitol Police Chief addressed the media about the fluid situation.

“Capitol Police Chief Tom Manger says negotiators are on scene. They’re keeping media back as a precaution. The news conference was brief,” 7 News’ Lindsey Mastis reported.

Reportedly, the man is live-streaming from his vehicle.

The U.S. Capitol Police earlier reported a suspicious vehicle.

“Police are responding to a claim of an explosive device in a truck near the Library of Congress, according to law enforcement sources,” CNN’s Whitney Wild reported. “Police are sending a negotiators to engage with a man in the truck making the threat, one of the sources said.”

NBC Washington said the man was using a dry-erase board to communicate with police, claiming to have a detonator set to blow up his truck.

Snipers were also sent in as officers negotiated with the man threatening to detonate explosive devices, sources told The Associated Press.

“The Library of Congress has evacuated the historic Jefferson Building,” KUAR reported. “Washington’s transit agency says subway trains are bypassing the nearby Capitol South station.”

“Neither the House nor the Senate is in session, and most lawmakers are not in their offices,” the report added. There were staffers reported at the offices, who are being evacuated.

The incident is one of a handful of such bomb threats at the nation’s capitol in 2021. Prior to extremists starting the Capitol riot on January 6, the Democratic National Committee and Republican National Committee headquarters were targeted with pipe bomb threats. The FBI have still not detained the suspect who planted those bombs.

In April, a man rammed a car into barriers at the Capitol. The man emerged from his car with a knife and was shot and killed. A Capitol Police officer was killed in the incident.


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