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Biden Just Made Admission in First Major Presidential Interview That Will Outrage the Radical Left

President Joe Biden is giving his first presidential interview with CBS, which is set to air on Sunday.

In a promotional clip made available by CBS, Biden admits he may have to drop the $15.00/hr. minimum wage provision from his massive $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package.

“I put it in, but I don’t think it’s going to survive,” Biden told “CBS Evening News with Norah O’Donnell.”

The activist left has made the minimum wage hike a central policy concern in the coronavirus aid package, which passed the Senate today. Kamala Harris, as Vice President and President of the Senate, cast the deciding vote for a $1.9 trillion pandemic relief package over Republican congressional opposition.

The issue? It may not pass the “reconciliation” rules for a budgetary item.

One of the biggest proponents of the minimum wage hikes has been socialist Independent senator Bernie Sanders. Often a divining rod of the activist left, Sanders’ position foreshadows vehement radical protests that their pet cause is unlikely to make the coronavirus relief cut.

“There ain’t nobody in America — not in the North, the South, the East or the West — who can survive on $7.25 an hour,” Sanders said on a January 26 call.

However, Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia indicated he would not support the minimum wage increase as something that is “responsible and reasonable.”

Other senators signaled their opposition to the provision. “A $15 federal minimum wage would be devastating for our hardest-hit small businesses at a time when they can least afford it,” said Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA).

Speaker Nancy Pelosi all-but-surrendered on the increase — for now. “It’s not the last bill we’ll pass,” she said.

The activist left will most certainly be seething about this minor Biden defeat. Maybe Biden can try to pass it by executive order?

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