China Humiliates Biden Diplomats with Anal Probes for COVID

Written by Kyle Becker

China is in America’s ass — both figuratively and literally.

The Chinese Communist Party subjected U.S. diplomats to anal swabbing for COVID-19 on a recent visit. NBC News reported on the anally invasive tests.

U.S. diplomats in China were subjected to anal swab tests for Covid-19, a Department of State spokesperson confirmed Thursday, adding that a protest had been lodged with the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The embarrassing fiasco was purportedly done “in error,” as opposed to being a way for the Communist Chinese to humiliate the Biden administration.

The United States had received assurances from China that the tests were done in error and that diplomatic personnel were exempt from this specific testing requirement, the spokesperson said.

The symbolism of the Biden State Department being turned into China’s submissives was not lost on the American public:

China is racking up the real-world wins under the Biden administration. Now, it is racking up the PR wins, as well.

One thing you can bet: Donald Trump would never have allowed this under his administration.

China is Already Racking Up the ‘Wins’ Under the Biden Administration

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