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Cuomo’s Public Meltdown is One for the Ages

    New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has presided over a public meltdown for the ages.

    The beleaguered governor, caught in the free-fall of his fall from grace, has taken to blaming everyone under the sun for his fatal nursing home decree in March 2020. The ensuing cover-up led to a 40% under-reporting of the nursing home deaths, which was due to his administration’s fear of being exposed by the Trump administration.

    “Most of all, the void we created allowed disinformation,” he argued. “And that created more anxieties for the families of loved ones.”

    “I’ve had hundreds of conversations,” he continued. “People couldn’t get into the facility to see their loved one. They couldn’t get them on the phone. They couldn’t get staff on the phone to get answers. They were powerless. They were helpless.”

    “They were literally physically removed and isolated,” he continued. “Loved ones died alone. Loved ones died alone,” he repeated.

    “Fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, died alone,” he reiterated. “It was horrific. It was horrific.”

    “And then the void in the information that we created started misinformation, disinformation, conspiracy theories, and now people have to hear that. And they don’t know what is the truth.”

    This is not about an information “void,” this is about a deliberate under-reporting of nursing home deaths for political reasons, which was even exposed recently by the Associated Press.

    “The truth is everybody did everything they could,” Cuomo argued. The governor is under fire because his executive order contradicted basic scientific understanding about the coronavirus, which was that the elderly are most likely to die from it.

    “The truth is you had the best medical professionals and advice on the globe,” he argued. New York was one of the worst-managed states in the United States when it came to responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, second only to New Jersey.

    “The truth is it was in the middle of a terrible pandemic,” he continued. “The truth is COVID attacks senior citizens. The truth is, with all we know, people still die in nursing homes today.”


    The reaction to Cuomo’s press conference is damning:

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