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WATCH: Radical School Board Has Parents *Arrested* for Questioning “Critical Race Theory”

On Tuesday night, a school board meeting went off-the-rails as educators were unwilling to listen to parents’ heated criticism of “Critical Race Theory,” a racially divisive agenda that has been smuggled into America’s schools.

The parents had been organizing and preparing to put the school board on blast all afternoon for the Loudoun County, Virginia school board meeting, as was shown in extensive video coverage of Reuters reporter Gabriella Borter.

“More than 100 gathered on the other side of the parking lot in Loudoun County opposing the anti-CRT protesters and supporting a transgender policy that is being discussed at the school board meeting soon,” Borter reported. The concerned parents warmed up with a rendition of the National Anthem.

They carried signs that they were “Educated Parents” who were going to “stand up” for their children. Over 200 parents signed up to make a public comment, as reported by Borter.

The school board was unwilling to take the heat over the potential curriculum inclusion of CRT.

When former Virginia state senator Dick Black spoke out, the school board threatened to end public comment. When the board ended public comment, the crowd burst into a patriotic display to shame the radical board members.

The school board then declared an “unlawful assembly” and two of the parents were arrested by police.

“The tensions in [Loudon County were] on full display at last night’s board meeting, echo a larger battle playing out across the US over how public schools are addressing the topic of racism with students,” Borter noted.

This doesn’t even resemble a scene from America. It is clear that when radicals are in charge, they dispense of American values such as fairness, equality and free speech.

But if that is the way radicals want to have it, they can expect even more pushback from parents across America. The American people will not be silent when it comes to their rights or their children.


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