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Joe Biden Was Given an Embarrassing List of Commands at G20 Conference

“President” Joe Biden was given a list of commands at the G20 conference on Wednesday.

A zoom in on the list shows that it is actually a set of instructions for what to do at the conference.

“Biden accidentally CAUGHT again taking list of commands from his handlers like a puppy,” remarked Benny Johnson on Twitter.

  • “YOU… will take a photo”
  • “YOU will sit”
  • “YOU will deliver opening remarks”

The bulletpoint instructions for the Opening Remarks for Global Partnership for Infrastructure and Investment G20 Side Event appear to have more details:

  • YOU President Widodo [of Indonesia] and Prime Minister Kishida [of Japan] will take a photo directly before the event starts
  • YOU will sit at the center, front tables alongside President Widodo and [President of the European Commission] President von der Leyen
  • Photos will be taken of the leaders seated around the table
  • President Widodo delivers remarks (5 minutes) and introduces YOU
  • YOU will deliver opening remarks (5 minutes), then introduce President von der Leyen

While at the G-20 conference, Biden appeared to have trouble walking up a flight of stairs:

He also praised a Russian man’s biceps.

Canadian premier Justin Trudeau also appears to have gotten in trouble with the Communist Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

As reported on Becker News earlier, Joe Biden abruptly canceled a G-20 dinner over health concerns.

The official explanation for Biden’s last minute drop-out had many wondering once again if something was seriously wrong with the president’s health.

“Breaking news would be that President Biden is missing the G20 leaders dinner,” Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy reported. “He is supposed to be at a supper right now, 8:10 in the evening here in Bali, Indonesia, with everybody that flew in. If you’re the U.S. president, you spent basically two days flying to get here for a dinner like this. You got MBS there, you got Trudeau there. Xi is also there, if anything was left on the table.”

“Yesterday we did hear President Biden tell us that he had a cold and he has tested negative for Covid, despite the Cambodian leader from our last stop being positive now, but we do not know exactly what is going on with the president,” Doocy added. “They called an early lid. So we will keep you posted on what exactly is going on with Biden.”

It was also reported that Biden canceled the leaders’ dinner and headed back to his hotel.

“Biden skipped tonight’s gala dinner at the G-20 summit and returned to the hotel at 8 pm instead,” Disclose reported.

Biden had taken just four questions at a press conference.

Earlier in Indonesia, Biden was walking very stiffly next to Canadian premier Justin Trudeau, raising more questions from observers.

The G-20 world leaders’ dinner went off without a hitch without the American “president,” regardless. Biden had received his instructions and was doing whatever his handlers told him to do.

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