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Kamala Harris Isn’t Even President Yet and Her Unfavorability Rating is Just Terrible

    Kamala Harris is not ‘officially’ the president yet, as America watches President Biden’s mental acuity degrade on a near daily basis. But her prospects of being elected in four years, if and when she takes over for the declining Biden, are weak at best.

    “Harris’s average favorability rating hovers around 44%, while her unfavorability rating is 46%, according to polling aggregator RealClearPolitics. Biden’s numbers are superior, with an average favorable-unfavorable rating of 52%-43%,” Naomi Lin points out at the Washington Examiner.

    Suffolk University Political Research Center Director David Paleologos told the Washington Examiner that Harris was ‘not popular with people older than 45 or those earning less than $100,000 annually.’

    “Almost 1 in 5 people who backed Biden last fall did not think highly of Harris or did not have an opinion of her, according to a finding that stood out to Paleologos,” Lin notes.

    “That says that either some 2020 Biden voters thought there was a better pick or they’re not convinced that they like her, either for policy reasons or performance reasons,” he said.

    Recent polling shows that the trend is not improving for Harris, either.

    “After six months in office, polling suggests that more voters disapprove of Vice President Kamala Harris than approve of the job she has done thus far,” Newsweek reported.

    “Survey results from Politico/Morning Consult released on Wednesday showed that just 45 percent of respondents held a favorable view of the vice president’s performance,” the report noted. “Meanwhile, 47 percent had an unfavorable view and 5 percent said they had no opinion. The survey had a margin of error of plus or minus 2 percent and was conducted from July 16 to 18.”

    As poorly as a lot of Americans feel about Biden’s performance, there are more Americans who view Harris as being worse for the country. It doesn’t bode well for a White House that is seeing Biden make misstep after misstep.


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