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Arizona County Chair Reveals He Was Forced to Certify Katie Hobbs’ Election ‘Under Duress’

    The Chair of the Mohave County Board of Supervisors has revealed that he was only voting to certify the state election under legal duress.

    “I found out today that I have no choice but to vote ‘Aye’ or I will be arrested and charged with a felony,” Gould said.

    The Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs has threatened to charge election officials with Class 6 felony charges if they don’t certify her election.

    Hobbs has filed a lawsuit against Cochise County, which refused to certify the Arizona state election by the Nov. 28 deadline. From The Guardian:

    In a lawsuit on Monday, the secretary of state, Katie Hobbs, a Democrat who narrowly won the race for governor, asked a judge to order county officials to canvass the election, which she said was an obligation under Arizona law. Lawyers representing a Cochise county voter and a group of retirees filed a similar lawsuit on Monday, the deadline for counties to approve the official tally of votes, known as the canvass.

    The two Republican county supervisors delayed the canvass vote until hearing once more about concerns over the certification of ballot tabulators, though election officials have repeatedly said the equipment is properly approved.

    The state elections director, Kori Lorick, wrote in a letter last week that Hobbs was required by law to approve the statewide canvass by next week and would have to exclude Cochise county’s votes if they weren’t received in time.

    That would threaten to flip the victor in at least two close races, a US House seat and state schools chief, from a Republican to a Democrat.

    As reported earlier, Hobbs had threatened to sue to coerce Cochise County to certify her election.

    “DELAY Cochise County Board fails to certify election results by today’s deadline. Secretary of State Katie Hobbs has threatened to sue to compel certification,” KPNX/12News reporter Brahm Resnik reported. “Friday is last business day before statewide vote is certified Monday 12/5.”

    “NEXT Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs plans to file suit against Cochise County by 5pm today, per spox,” Resnik said in an update.

    “Are we just going to move past this massive conflict of interest?” Kari Lake War Room responded.

    Katie Hobbs declined to refuse herself from supervising the Arizona election race, despite the conflict of interest that she is running for the governorship. She is now threatening to sue any county that defies certifying the election that she presided over.

    On Monday, Arizona Republic reporter Mary Jo Pitzl suggested that Cochise County might not certify on time.

    Cochise County voted to delay certifying the results of this month’s midterm elections, thereby missing the state’s legal deadline of Monday.

    As reported earlier, Kari Lake, Republican gubernatorial candidate for Arizona, has filed a lawsuit against Maricopa County’s election officials over the 2022 midterm election.

    According to the lawsuit, the “Plaintiff desires that every lawful vote be properly counted and every voter who was eligible to vote be allowed to vote.”

    Maricopa County nonetheless voted to certify the state election results on Monday, despite the objections of numerous Arizona election workers and voters.


    ‘We Have No Confidence at All in Our Election Process’: Maricopa County Board Gets Lit Up by Arizona Election Worker

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