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President Biden Has Just Declared That the Covid-19 Pandemic is ‘Over’

    President Joe Biden on ’60 Minutes’ tonight just declared that he believes the Covid-19 pandemic is “over.” The president’s announcement marks a major shift in U.S. domestic policy after nearly three years of ’emergency’ Covid measures.

    “Is the pandemic over?” CBS’ Scott Pelley asked.

    “The pandemic is over,” Biden said. “We still have a problem with COVID. We’re still doing a lot of work on it. But the pandemic is over. If you notice, no one’s wearing mask, everybody seems to be in pretty good shape. And so I think it’s changing and I think this is a perfect example.”

    In February 2020, the Trump administration declared a “public health emergency” due to the coronavirus outbreak. The announcement came 3 days after the World Health Organization declared a Global Health Emergency.

    On March 13, President Donald Trump declared Covid to be a national emergency, which activated billions of dollars in federal funding to fight the developing pandemic.

    After Joe Biden is determined to be the president-elect on November 7, he announced the names of those who would serve on his COVID-19 Advisory Board. The same day, Pfizer releases data from its COVID-19 vaccine trial claiming that the vaccination was “90% effective.”

    The U.S. is now at over 99% seroprevalence for Covid-19, meaning that there was near-universal exposure to the virus, despite the vaccine mandates, mask mandates and lockdowns.

    Despite the vaccines, President Joe Biden would oversee more Covid-related deaths than former President Donald Trump. Now, 606 days into Biden’s presidency, he has finally declared the Covid pandemic to be “over.”

    While the coronavirus pandemic may now be officially ‘over’ in the United States, the damage from Covid response measures will still be impacting the country for decades.

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