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The Democratic Operative Who Claimed Credit for Staging Youngkin ‘White Supremacist’ Stunt Took Selfie with Race Hoaxer

    MAJOR UPDATE: The Democratic operative who claimed credit for the ‘white supremacists for Youngkin’ hoax took a selfie with one of the race hoaxers while at another political event. See update below post.

    UPDATE 2: It looks like we may have a positive ID on the race/J6 hoaxer thanks to the great Rosie Memos.

    The Virginia governor’s race has tightened down the home stretch to Tuesday’s election and one of the most memorable “dirty tricks” in recent political history has surfaced. Democratic operatives with close ties to the McAuliffe campaign orchestrated a desperate race hoax to frame Terry McAuliffe’s now-leading opponent Glenn Youngkin as a ‘white supremacist.’

    The “white supremacists for Youngkin” hoax appears to have begun with a report by Elizabeth Holmes that was tweeted early Friday morning.

    It should be noted that checking the archive for the tweet shows that Twitter has gone into protective mode and has slapped a ‘sensitive material’ warning on the tweet, which is time-stamped as 7:36 a.m.

    Shortly thereafter, Terry McAuliffe’s social media manager Charlie Olaf amplied the story by making it appear that the tiki-torch bearing white supremacists were Youngkin supporters:

    “Wow,” Olaf tweeted on Friday morning. “At a campaign stop for Glenn Youngkin this morning, people were holding tiki torches and changing ‘we’re all in for Glenn.’ Disgusting reference to the 2017 United the Right Rally in Charlottesville.”

    Charlie Olaf is particularly interesting because he was touted out of the blue one day before the ‘white supremacists for Youngkin’ hoax:

    Interestingly, Mary Trump then joined in the oddly timed endorsement of Charlie Olaf.

    The Federalist notes that Olaf’s followers went from 120 followers to more than 7,000 followers following these non-random endorsements. Mary Trump is Donald Trump’s ‘anti-Trump’ niece. So, who is Adam Parkhomenko?

    Parkhomenko, a highly experienced Democratic operative, has deep ties to Terry McAuliffe going back years. A 2017 Washington Post article reported that Parkhomenko was actually endorsed by McAuliffe for a major role in the DNC:

    “Adam Parkhomenko, the co-founder of ‘Ready for Hillary’ and a lifelong supporter of defeated Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, is being endorsed by three former chairmen of the Democratic National Committee for a role in the party’s leadership. Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, former Pennsylvania governor Edward G. Rendell and longtime South Carolina party operative Don Fowler will announce their endorsements Monday.”

    Olaf’s oafish now-deleted tweet was then boosted by Adam Parkhomenko the next day following his endorsement. Not only did Olaf delete his tweet, he actually changed his Twitter handle from @CharlieOlaf to @charlie_2221.

    A member of Terry McAuliffe’s campaign team, Christina Freundlich, shortly after the initial ‘tiki torch’ photo tweet drew attention to the photo. Christina Freundlich portrayed the demonstrators as being with Team Youngkin, saying: “This is who Glenn Youngkin’s supporters are.” She then deleted the tweet.

    A McAuliffe communications aide named Jen Goodman, who has worked for Joe Biden, blasted the Youngkin campaign over the hoax, calling it “disgusting and disqualifying.” Her reaction was 22 minutes after the original photo was posted. She then subsequently deleted the tweet.

    Ally Sammarco, who is associated with Virginia Democrats and other Democrat strategy groups, merely reacted ‘Yikes.’ She also deleted the tweet.

    Jewish Democrats also pounced on the tweet to accuse Youngkin of being in league with the supporters. Later, Jewish Democrats also deleted their tweet.

    Alec Sears, who has reported for the Daily Caller and Washington Examiner, broke the story wide open. The following is what Sears reported in a Twitter thread:

    This is so clearly a political operation organized by @AdamParkhomenko it’s not even funny.

    And I have the receipts.

    Notice that the only people interacting with this story are Democratic Political Operatives, all retweeted by Parkhomenko.

    Let’s take a look at this gentleman. He bears a strong resemblance to one Camden Layton, otherwise known as the finance director for @vayd.

    Coincidence? I report, you decide.

    This gross false-flag operation reeks of desperation from the McAuliffe camp who is currently trailing Youngkin by 8 points.

    A confident campaign would never resort to such gross measures. We have a good idea of who some of the other individuals are, and are working to confirm, but if you have any information do share 👀

    🚨 I am now confident that we have identified the woman in this group of political actors as Colleen Wachenfeld, with @vademocrats.


    Thus concluded Alec Sears’ thread. Sears’ tweets did not trigger objections from the staffers, but instead they both made their social media accounts private.

    Camden Layton, the Finance Director at Virginia Young Democrats mentioned above, locked his Twitter account after Sears’ reporting.

    Layton also privated his Instagram account.

    There was also a presently unidentified African-American male who posed as a “white supremacist”:

    McAuliffe’s campaign team and Virginia Democrats would later disavow any knowledge of the anti-Youngkin operation.

    “What happened today in Charlottesville is disgusting and distasteful and the McAuliffe campaign condemns it in the strongest terms,” McAuliffe’s campaign manager Chris Bolling tweeted. “Those involved should immediately apologize.”

    Virginia Democrats also denied being party to the stunt. “The Democratic Party of Virginia, along with its coordinated partners and its affiliates, did not have any role today in the events that happened outside of the Youngkin campaign bus stop today,” the VD said in a statement.

    In an unusual twist, the Lincoln Project apparently stepped up to fall on the sword for Democrats, claiming credit for the “demonstration.” Their statement is provided in full below:

    “Glenn Younkin has said: ‘President Trump represents so much of why I am running.’ Youngkin proves it every day by trying to divide Virginians using racial code words like Critical Race Theory and supporting a ban on teaching the works of America’s only Black Nobel laureate.

    “The Lincoln Project has run advertisements highlighting the hate unleashed in Charlottesville as well as Glenn Youngkin’s continued failure to denounce Donald Trump’s ‘very fine people on both sides.’ We will continue to draw this contrast in broadcast videos, on our social media platforms, and at Youngkin rallies.

    “Today’s demonstration was our way of reminding Virginians what happened in Charlottesville four years ago, the Republican Party’s embrace of those values, and Glenn Youngkin’s failure to condemn it.

    “The Youngkin campaign is enraged by our reminder of Charlottesville for one simple reason: Glenn Youngkin wants Virginians to forget that he is Donald Trump’s candidate.

    “We will continue to hold Glenn Youngkin accountable. If he will denounce Trump’s assertion that the Charlottesville rioters possessed ‘very fine’ qualities, we’ll withdraw the tiki torches. Until then, we’ll be back.”

    It is interesting that the Lincoln Project should step forward to claim credit for the fake ‘domestic terrorism’ hoax. The Lincoln Project, perhaps best known for its members’ prurient affinity for pedophilia, recently cut a video to support McAuliffe.

    The Lincoln Project has been heavily involved with the McAuliffe campaign and never would have pulled such a stunt as a fake white supremacist hoax without giving a heads up to the McAuliffe campaign. Here is how heavily involved the Super Pac is in Virginia’s governor race: It has directly contributed to the McAuliffe campaign.

    “According to state campaign records, Terry McAuliffe’s campaign has received $264,000 in campaign assistance from the Lincoln Project, which coordinated with the state Democrat party and McAuliffe’s campaign to perpetrate a race hoax in Virginia today, Sean Davis noted.

    It has also launched an ad campaign worth $5 million to get McAuliffe across the finish line.

    “The never-Trumpers at The Lincoln Project continue to embrace mainstream Democratic candidates, cutting a new ad promoting former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe in his campaign against Republican challenger Glenn Youngkin,” Florida Politics noted.

    “McAuliffe was already Governor once, from 2014 until 2018, and he seeks a return to the office in 2022,” the report added. “The new Lincoln Project spots will be part of a barrage of stretch run ads totaling more than $5 million between the two campaigns.”

    But of particular interest has been the Lincoln Project’s line of attack against Youngkin. In its ad, it claims without any basis whatsoever that Youngkin can be tied to Charlottesville, racism, and anti-semitism.

    “Glenn Youngkin is Donald Trump‘s candidate,” the narrator warns. “Anti-Semitism. Racism. Denying gay couples the right to marry. That ugly Charlottesville hate.”

    “The choice Virginians face on Election Day is stark — a candidate handpicked by Donald Trump or an honest and decent leader: Terry McAuliffe,” said Lincoln Project co-founder Reed Galen. “Glenn Youngkin has run a campaign fueled by racism, anti-Semitism, and homophobia. He pretends to be two different candidates in two very different parts of the state, playing Virginians as fools. Voters are smarter than Youngkin gives them credit for and they’re going to prove it on November 2 by rejecting the kind of hate-driven politics Youngkin represents.”

    The Lincoln Project is described as a “liberal” group by the non-partisan campaign donation research organization Open Secrets. The group’s PAC profile heading into 2021 is revealing: Independent expenditures of nearly $50 million. $5 million for Democrats, and $41 million against Republicans. That’s right, zero Republican support in the 2020 election.

    The Lincoln Project, therefore, can safely be called a Democratic Party cut-out operation. On Friday, Glenn Youngkin’s campaign manager reacted to the last-minute “dirty trick”:

    “Terry McAuliffe’s campaign has been the dirtiest, nastiest, most dishonest campaign in Virginia history,” Glenn Youngkin’s communication director said. “This morning they’re closing out his career by going even lower.”

    The reaction to the story by seasoned political observers was that the entire operation smacks of a set-up.

    “I wouldn’t be surprised if the Lincoln Project simply agreed to take responsibility after the fact as a favor to the McAuliffe campaign,” Sr. Fellow at the Manhattan Institute Brian Riedl said. “They usually don’t do grassroots, but rather sit on their boat with confederate flags writing bad ads.”

    “Dem Party operatives and MSNBC ‘analysts’ spent the day spreading a photo that was dubious from the start – staged to make it appear neo-Nazis were supporting Glenn Youngkin – and now it turns out that, yet again, they spread disinformation,” liberal journalist Glenn Greenwald noted. “Over and over: the same people do this.”

    “But a reminder that McAullife’s staffers immediately started spreading it around almost as if they knew it was coming,” Greg Price reacted. “How did VA Dem staffers get involved in doing it? How much did McAullife’s campaign know. This raises more questions.”

    “So it appears all the @TerryMcAuliffe staffers that tried to blow this up and smear Youngkin with it have now deleted their related tweets without issuing corrections or apologies….” Twitter commenter AG Hamilton noted.

    “How is this tweet from @lawindsor, who later admitted she planned the whole hoax, still up?” Brent Scher asked.

    Scher is referring to a tweet by Lauren Windsor, who has claimed credit for the racism hoax.

    “In my capacity as a communications consultant, I worked w @ProjectLincoln to coordinate today’s Youngkin action in Charlottesville.  I join them in the fight to defend our democracy from rightwing extremists and call for Glenn Youngkin to denounce Trump’s ‘very fine people’.”

    Lauren Windsor, even when attempting to take credit for the stunt, as if it wasn’t coordinated with the McAuliffe campaign, perpetuates yet another hoax.

    “There were very fine people on both sides, & I’m not talking about the Neo-nazis and white supremacists because they should be condemned totally,” Trump had actually said.

    On Friday, Windsor reacted to the tiki torch photo in a similar way as McAuliffe campaign staffers.

    So, who is Lauren Windsor and what is her relationship to the McAuliffe campaign? The Post Millennial gives some important biographical background.

    “Last month, Laura Windsor was called ‘the Democrats’ Answer to Sting Artist James O’Keefe’ by Will Sommer of the Daily Beast,” The Post Millennial reported. “He presented Windsor’s people as underdog heroes akin to Project Veritas in how they got Glenn Youngkin to answer questions about abortion issues. Sommer does a decent job giving a history of how Windsor began as some twisted offshoot of the Veritas crowd.”

    “In response, Windsor launched ‘Project Veritas Exposed,’ an online dossier with pictures of known O’Keefe operatives and associates,” the Daily Beast noted. “Liberal groups, fearful that they’ve been infiltrated by someone working for O’Keefe, can scour the database and compare job applicants against pictures on the site.”

    Fellow Lincoln Project member Joe Trippi backed up the operation with a ‘guns for hire’ vibe:

    “It’s why I joined @ProjectLincoln Trump Republicans go low and as @MichaelCohen212 and Lee Atwater have said ‘there’s a code’. LP 🏴‍☠️ will go where Democrats won’t and risk it all to break that frickin code and expose Youngkin and his winking and nodding,” Trippi tweeted.

    This isn’t the first time that Windsor has conducted an operation for the benefit of Terry McAuliffe’s campaign. The Daily Beast reported that she posed as a Republican to get undercover footage of Youngkin speaking against abortion.

    “But the man and Youngkin’s interlocutor weren’t really Republicans, a subterfuge that became clear a few weeks later when hidden camera footage of his remarks aired on MSNBC. Youngkin’s Democratic opponent, former Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe, quickly hammered Youngkin over the video, claiming his views on abortion were out of step with voters in the purple state,” the Daily Beast reported.

    “The Youngkin video and many others like it was the creation of Democratic operative Lauren Windsor, who has emerged over the past year as a lurking menace to Republican officials who think they’re just chatting with their ideological compatriots,” the report continued. “By posing at public events as fervent conservative activists, Windsor and her compatriots at her YouTube channel, ‘The Undercurrent,’ have recorded a number of Republican politicians in unguarded moments.”

    The Lincoln Project has admitted to pulling off a racial hoax to frame McAuliffe’s candidate as a ‘racist.’ As someone who has worked inside a successful political campaign, I can say there is no way that McAuliffe’s campaign wouldn’t have been tipped off. The political blowback in a tight race would be too immense for the Lincoln Project to “go rogue.”

    Furthermore, the quick reaction of so many McAuliffe campaign staff on a Friday morning to seize on the initial misleading ‘report’ to frame Youngkin as a racist reeks of coordination. The subsequent deletion of all the tweets, the privating and obfuscation of social media accounts, without explanation or apology, is the icing on the cake. The McAuliffe campaign panicked and the Lincoln Project dove on the sword.

    The Lincoln Project thus committed three hoaxes on Friday: It’s involvement in the ‘white supremacists for Trump’ stunt, it’s distortion of Donald Trump’s views and Youngkin’s guilt-by-assocation, and its non-credible denial.

    UPDATE: A photo has surfaced of Lauren Windsor posing with one of the race-hoaxers at the ‘white supremacists for Youngkin’ event.

    Where Lauren Windsor was at at the time should be of particular interest: A staged Justice for J6 rally.

    UPDATE 2: It looks like we may have a positive ID on the race/J6 hoaxer thanks to the great Rosie Memos.

    The man’s name appears to be Ian Golden. He was a campaign aide for Maryland congressional candidate John Delaney.

    “A campaign aide for Maryland congressional candidate John Delaney was featured in a video honoring Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans that played before thousands of Democrats gathered in Charlotte on Thursday for the Democratic National Convention,” the Baltimore Sun reported.

    “Ian Golden, who is 27 and lives in Washington, served in the Army from 2004 to 2010, including as an infantry sergeant in Iraq from 2007 to 2009. He overees veterans affairs and national security policy for Delaney, a Democrat who is running for the House in Maryland’s 6th District.”

    Here is another photo that has surfaced on social media showing Ian Golden.

    Here is Golden’s wife. Also a poltical operative connected to Every Action, a digital advocacy software company.

    “He’s made his Insta and Twitter private. He’s also deleted his LinkedIn. I’m gonna try and learn more though,” @SeanNewsNow, who found the photo, commented.

    Here is the bio that @SeanNewsNow dug up on Golden’s now-deleted LinkedIn page:

    More was dug up on Golden:

    Although the identities of the other race hoaxers are not currently known for certain, although we can surmise the names of two more of them, it is only a matter of time before all of their identities. Then the Lincoln Project and the McAuliffe campaign will surely have some explaining to do.


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