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81 Million Votes? Donald Trump is Crushing Biden with Independents, According to New 2024 Poll

The record-breaking vote-getter in the 2020 election Joe Biden, who we are told got a fantastical 81 billion trillion million votes, appears to be in a bit of trouble were his presidential re-election bid to be launched today. In a matchup against former President Donald Trump, which the lamestream media has spent more than four years in a rabid blood vendetta smearing, Biden gets obliterated in the critical demographic of independents.

“A Grinnell-Selzer poll found that Trump leads Biden with a 45% to 28% margin among Independent voters in a hypothetical 2024 presidential election,” the Daily Caller noted. “Exactly 20% of the Independent respondents surveyed said they would support another candidate and 7% would not vote at all. The poll surveyed 745 adults between Oct.13-17 with a margin of error of plus or minus 3.6% percentage points.”

It is crucial to note that part where only 20% would vote for another candidate and 7% said they would not vote at all. Despite how polarizing Donald Trump has been for Americans – the Democrats carried out two phony impeachments and are conducting a phony, partisan Jan. 6 investigation against him – only 27% of those non-Biden independents appear to be ‘Never Trumpers.’ This means both that Americans are able to recognize when the country was in better hands, despite all the vitriole and fake news reportage, and that the mainstream media is now in the near zero-trust category for independent voters.

“The poll discovered that Trump and Biden have an equal percentage of likely voters, 40%, that would vote for them in the next presidential election, while 14% said they would support a different candidate,” the Daily Caller reported on the poll. “Both candidates continue to hold firm support within their parties, with 80% of Republicans backing the former president and nearly 90% supporting Biden.”

“The president has time to turn his political fortunes around. But if it doesn’t happen soon, Democrats are likely to face a serious reckoning in the 2022 midterm elections,” Grinnell College National Poll Director Peter Hanson said.

The ‘serious reckoning’ appears to be coming no matter what Biden does. However, there is one thing the American people can be sure of: If there isn’t a 2022 bloodbath before we get to the 2024 president election, the system is more rigged than we thought.


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