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After Ted Cruz’s ‘Flight of Shame,’ It Turns Out He is Exonerated by… Politico

It was as if Ted Cruz had suddenly become the Governor of Texas.

The Texas senator had gotten his family the hell out of dodge and deposited this kids safely at a resort in Cancun. This drew the vapors from people who want Cruz and his family to suffer always. Forever. To the end of time.

It was an entirely relatable sentiment by Cruz and what parent would want their kids to suffer for its own sake? Just to placate a bloodthirsty mob whose desire for vengeance on Republicans and normal Americans who defy them can never be sated?

Nonetheless, the usual suspects in the lamestream news media flooded the Internet with breathless reports seemingly bewildered at how the senator could so cruelly and callously abandon the people of Texas in the freezing-ass cold.

They showed footage of his flight:

They tracked him at the airport:

It was as if Ted Cruz had suddenty become the “most interesting man in the world.”

The vilification was relentless. It was hysterical. And it accomplished its purpose.

It distracted America from much more newsworthy subjects, such as Pelosi appointing a complete partisan hack for a general, the downward spiraling Cuomo and Newsom administrations, and Biden’s lies and miscommunication on the pandemic.

This is also coming from the same media that yawns when Joe Biden plays Mario Kart with his daughter over President’s Day weekend, while the vice president takes calls with heads of state. Yet it shames a senator who cares about getting his children away from needless suffering? No one should buy the feigned outrage.

But now, even Politico admits that the entire thing was a farce. This comes by way of the National Pulse’s editor Raheem Kassam:

“In Cruz’s defense, the situation in Texas was much improved Thursday, through the big concern went from power outages to water safety, per the AP: ‘In Texas on Thursday, about 325,000 homes and businesses remained without power, down from about 3 million a day earlier, though utility officials said limited rolling blackouts were still possible.”

Here’s the kicker, though.

“Also in Cruz’s defense, The Texas Tribune notes that Cruz and his Texas colleague John Cornyn had requested and received a federal disaster declaration, which is the main thing a senator is good for at this stage (though other electeds are doing a lot more).”

Nonetheless, Senator Cruz has apologized. “I was trying to be a Dad,” he said… credibly.

There you have it. Ted Cruz should not have apologized.

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