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Ahead of Biden’s Coronavirus Origins Report, China Vows to Retaliate If Blamed for Wuhan Lab Leak

China is definitely not guilty. It is so not guilty of performing gain-of-function research on a novel coronavirus at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and leaking it around the world that it is now issuing the threatening statement: Blame us for the Wuhan lab leak and we will retaliate.

In case you aren’t picking up on the sarcasm, that is the message being issued out of Beijing on Wednesday ahead of a U.S. intelligence report on the origins of SARS-CoV-2 that has only thus far been described as “inconclusive.”

“China vowed to retaliate against those questioning whether the virus escaped from its labs, days before the U.S. plans to release the findings,” Bloomberg reported.

The warning comes amidst Vice President Kamala Harris’s foreign trip to southeast Asia. While in Vietnam, Harris addressed China’s rising belligerence and its overtures towards Taiwan, which the communist Chinese consider to be their territory.

“Beijing’s actions continue to undermine the rules-based order and threaten the sovereignty of nations,” Harris said.

Meanwhile, the U.S. is condemning China with one side of its mouth and restoring technologically sensitive licensing with the other.

“U.S. officials have approved license applications worth hundreds of millions of dollars for China’s blacklisted telecom company Huawei to buy chips for its growing auto component business,” Reuters reported.

“Huawei, the world’s largest telecommunications equipment maker, has been hobbled by trade restrictions imposed by the Trump administration on the sale of chips and other components used in its network gear and smartphones businesses,” the report added.

The United States is kowtowing to the Chinese at a time when the CCP senses weakness in U.S. leadership. One day after the fall of Afghanistan, China sent its naval fleet to the South China Sea for saber-rattling exercises near Taiwan.

“The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) on Tuesday launched joint live-fire assault drills in multiple locations near the island of Taiwan in response to recent collusion and provocations by the US and Taiwan secessionists,” the Chinese mouthpiece Global Times reported.

“The PLA Eastern Theater Command on Tuesday dispatched warships, anti-submarine warfare aircraft and fighter jets in surrounding maritime and aerial areas near the southwest and southeast of the island of Taiwan for military exercises including joint live-fire assaults, and also for testing the command troops’ integrated joint operation capabilities, Senior Colonel Shi Yi, spokesperson of the command, announced on the same day,” the report continued.

China has also issued a warning to Taiwan, saying it should be “trembling” since the U.S. “won’t protect” the island from invasion. The CCP has also told Taiwan that it “can’t rely” on Biden in a crisis.


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