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The Media’s Cuomo Scandal Cover-Up

    New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently made a remarkable admission that may prove to be his administration’s epitaph: “Incompetent government kills people.”

    As revelations from a NY Post revealed on Thursday, the governor was exposed by his own aide for engaging in a “cover-up” of nursing home deaths:

    The New York Post on Thursday obtained a leak from Secretary to the Governor Melissa DeRosa that tells us what astute observers already knew about Cuomo’s disastrous order to return nursing home residents back after testing positive for COVID-19 in the early weeks of the pandemic: There was a cover-up.

    15,000 deaths are now understood to be directly tied to Cuomo’s disastrous executive order in March that mandated that nursing home residents that tested positive for coronavirus at medical facilities be returned to nursing homes, despite that population’s extremely high vulnerability to the virus.

    The rationale for Cuomo’s cover-up was truly revolting: It was all about politics.

    Image credit: Chris Rank for Rank Studios.

    Indeed, Cuomo was seeking to avoid revealing the true nursing home mortality data, which showed that deaths were 40% higher than were reported because it might be exposed by the Trump administration.

    In a conference call whose contents were leaked to the press, Cuomo referred to President Trump’s pressure on the governor, according to Secretary to the Governor Melissa DeRosa:

    “He starts tweeting that we killed everyone in nursing homes,” DeRosa said. “He starts going after [New Jersey Gov. Phil] Murphy, starts going after [California Gov. Gavin] Newsom, starts going after [Michigan Gov.] Gretchen Whitmer.”

    In addition to attacking Cuomo’s fellow Democratic governors, DeRosa said, Trump “directs the Department of Justice to do an investigation into us.”

    “And basically, we froze,” she told the lawmakers on the call.

    In August, the Department of Justice had issued a request to four states that had issued orders that senior residents be returned to nursing homes and not just Cuomo’s New York:

    Today the Justice Department requested COVID-19 data from the governors of states that issued orders which may have resulted in the deaths of thousands of elderly nursing home residents. New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan required nursing homes to admit COVID-19 patients to their vulnerable populations, often without adequate testing.

    The Trump administration had offered New York assistance on numerous occasions, which was either rebuffed or unused for no other plausible reason than Cuomo was uncomfortable with the campaign-season optics.

    The U.S.S. Comfort floating hospital that the former Commander-in-Chief deployed went 90% unused. Cuomo told Trump it was no longer needed in April — months before the worst was yet to come.

    Franklin Graham’s Christian charity group Samaritan’s Purse was met by radical protesters when it erected a field hospital in New York City to treat COVID-19 patients. The State of New York threatened to send the hospital a tax bill and attempted to leverage the situation to strong-arm the federal government to send more aid.

    Cuomo and Trump also clashed over a proposed a federal “quarantine” of the state, which  almost certainly would have been unconstitutional. The Trump administration later backed off, but what Cuomo said was revealing.

    “This would be a federal declaration of war on states,” Cuomo said. “This is a time when the president says he’s trying to restart the economy. New York is the financial sector. You geographically restrict a state, you would paralyze the financial sector.”

    Throughout all of 2020, Cuomo has shown little concern for the state’s finances as fleeing New Yorkers know all-too-well. One study estimates the lost revenue at $34 billion. The business environment has been absolutely abysmal, and now that Trump is politically vanquished, there is a renewed concern in the media over the damage done.

    Uncertainty has subsequently been a ‘killer’ of jobs and dreams due to New York’s “incompetent” government. The Cuomo administration has been intent on ruling New York by arbitrary dictatorial fiat since the suddenly appearance of the virus in a campaign year.

    In many ways it has been “Cuomo’s New York.” When even a socialist like New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio calls for an end to “emergency powers,” you know its bad.

    “It’s been a whole year. We can’t keep clinging to this situation. We’ve got to start moving forward,” de Blasio confessed to the Daily News on Thursday.

    Indeed, 15 days to slow the spread mutated into 15 months to relinquish power.

    A state of nearly 20 million citizens with millions of hustling, bustling adults has been ground to a near-standstill, clinging to every word Cuomo had to utter about disastrous school closures, draconian restaurant regulations, and lockdown decrees. The ego-stroke for Cuomo must have been thrilling.

    The governor at times morphed into an egotistical maniac who bridled at even being lightly questioned for his numerous policy caprices. He called reporters who dared challenge him “unprofessional,” “obnoxious,” and “offensive,” who ask “unintelligent” questions and “act like a jerk.” It was all part of a “nastier tone” that he decried. It was a hubris that had been incubated and insulated by a coddling liberal media that is fundamentally incapable of challenging any Democrat for even patently obvious abuses of power. Instead, Cuomo took to a place that would give him an open platform to plead his mendacious case without the threat of such pushback: CNN.

    Nowhere was Cuomo’s ego stroked more than on CNN. Even while his book touting his regime’s triumphant success in one of the worst-managed states in the country had gotten widely panned as ill-conceived self-backslapping, he found friendly quarters on his own brother’s nightly show “Cuomo Prime Time.”

    It was embarrassing. And it was a predictable debacle.

    “I would go as far as saying it’s a fact the Cuomo brothers comedy hour on CNN was a complete disgrace and an insult as body bags piled up,” Cuomo nemesis Janice Dean remarked. Her prescient and persistent advocacy to hold Cuomo accountable for his catastrophic nursing home order has been entirely vindicated. She herself had tragically lost two in-laws due to his reckless and unconscionable decree.

    Although CNN’s antics demonstrate that it is little more than a reliable party vehicle being taken for a joyride by Democrats, the network has half-heartedly attempted to reform its image as “serious journalists” who only care about the truth.

    Tapper outright called the Cuomo nursing home cover-up a “scandal.” Cillizza bloodlessly observed that the “story just got worse” for Cuomo, reliably missing the point with his obvious observation that it might impair a “cakewalk” run for a “history-making fourth term next November.”

    It isn’t just the news media that is the problem. The entertainment industry in America is culpable for protecting Democrats to the point it will ignore policies that literally kill Americans. While SNL engaged in some kid-glove mockery of Cuomo this weekend, it could not bring itself to mention his nursing home scandal. It instead compared him to a Simpsons character. The disparity in treament between Democrats and everyone else is truly cartoonish.

    Where is the pathos about the seniors who died, which one would undoubtedly see if not for a Democrat governor? CNN’s absence of wall-to-wall outcry about the “scandal” tells you all you need to know about the network.

    When the NY Post broke the news on Thursday, it was accompanied by deafening silence on CNN’s and MSNBC’s primetime lineup:

    Two of the most prominent cable news networks ignored a bombshell report that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office admitted to hiding coronavirus fatality data in nursing homes out of fear of being investigated.

    A search of transcripts showed that the term “nursing home” was not used on either CNN or MSNBC on Thursday broadcasts between 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. after the story on Cuomo broke, according to Fox News.

    The Democrats’ praetorian guard networks further ‘fortified’ the governor’s tenuous political standing by failing to draw equitable notice to the scandalous report this weekend.

    “CNN’s in-house media pundit Brian Stelter continued to protect embattled New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo over the weekend, ignoring the latest bombshell on the Democratic governor’s growing nursing home scandal during his ‘Reliable Sources’ program on Sunday,” Fox News noted.

    “This isn’t just a government scandal. It’s a media scandal,” New York Post columnist Karol Markowicz trenchantly observed in a recent column.

    The news media’s cover-up of the cover-up, however, is unlikely to be sufficient to save the cratering Cuomo administration. Since Democrats only believe Democrats, the aide’s revelations are credible and enough to banish Cuomo’s name from New York politically.

    In addition to the insufferable Mayor de Blasio, former New York Governor George Pataki is pressing New Yorkers to consider a “recall” for Cuomo for his “reprehensible” scandal. Even before the scandal was blown wide open on Thursday, 40% of New Yorkers agreed with recalling Cuomo.

    Despite the best efforts of the liberal media to save Cuomo’s sinking ship, that number supporting recall will only grow. The Democratic Party loyalists in the news media seem bound-and-determined to go down with him.

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