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AOC Calls Concerns Over Spike in Crime ‘Hysteria’ as Children Nearly Murdered in Street in Her Backyard

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants her base to know that even though people of color are dying in droves in inner cities (due to radical policies like “Defund the Police”) that there is no reason to worry about it.

“I’ve seen these headlines about percentage increases,” she said.

“Now, I want to say that any amount of harm is unacceptable and too much, but I also want to make sure that this hysteria, you know that this doesn’t drive a hysteria, and that we look at these numbers in context, so that we can make responsible decisions about what to allocate in that context,” she said in a Zoom call on Friday.

Fine. Let’s look at the numbers “in context.”

Here are the crime rates in major cities versus the same time last year, as reported by Fox Tracking.

  • Portland: 533% increase in homicides; 126% increase in shootings
  • Atlanta: 58% increase in homicides; 40% increase in shootings
  • Philadelphia: 37% increase in homicides; 27% increase in shootings
  • New York City: 13% in homicides; 64% increase in shootings
  • Los Angeles: 22% increase in homicides; 51% increase in shootings
  • Chicago: 5% increase in homicides; 18% increase in shootings

What ‘Squad’ members like AOC won’t admit is that ‘Defund the Police’ was always destined to be a failure. As America’s inner cities exploded into violence — including rioting, looting and murder — radical Democrats nonetheless scapegoated police for the predictable results of their incendiary rhetoric and anti-police policies.

Police officers provided a ready target for Democrats to blame for the inter-generational disaster that has become life in our dilapidated, crime-ridden inner cities, which are under perpetual Democratic Party control to an extent envied even in Third World countries. If it is one thing the Democratic Party is a master at, it is avoiding all blame for the demonstrable failure of its divisive and dysfunctional policies.

Now, over a year later, the Democratic Party’s critics can safely say, ‘I told you so.’ Several major cities are beginning a “refund the police” movement to restore the resources and public confidence needed for them to do one of the most dangerous and thankless jobs in the country.

“Cities like New York City, Oakland, Baltimore, Minneapolis and Los Angeles are planning to reinstate tens of millions for the construction of new police precincts, increase police department budgets, among other plans to bankroll more efforts to confront the uptick in crime,” Fox News reported.

“Overall, in several of the nation’s largest local law-enforcement agencies, city and county leaders want funding increases for 9 of the 12 departments where next year’s budgets have already been proposed, with increases ranging from 1% to 6%,” Fox reported, citing the Wall Street Journal.

One of the most visible cases of rapid decline has been New York City. Recently, as if a touchstone commentary on city streets becoming a ‘warzone,’ two children in the Bronx were nearly killed by a gunman last week.

This is the Bronx. This is in AOC’s backyard.

This is nothing to worry about Congresswoman? As persons of color continue to suffer, why don’t Democrats ever reconsider their radical policies? Perhaps they simply don’t care as much as they pretend?

It’s worth considering as radical Democrats like Ocasio-Cortez constantly push for Americans to be ‘hysterical’ about imaginary problems.


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