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AOC Goes on CNN to Undermine ‘Democracy’: Republicans Seek to ‘Overturn the Results of Any State Election They Don’t Like’

    Rep. Ocasio-Cortez was handed an open mic on CNN to make unfounded claims about Republican state legislatures seeking to ‘overturn’ any state election they don’t like. AOC was referring to basic election integrity laws.

    The unserious AOC appeared in an interview with definitely-not-liberal Jake Tapper on Sunday.

    “President Biden and other administration officials have signaled they believe the Democrats can out organize Republicans, even though Republicans are passing all these measures, that generally speaking make it more difficult to vote,” Tapper said. “And generally speaking, a lot of the impetus for this is the Big Lie, that the election was stolen.”

    “You’re an organizer. Former organizer. Is that a realistic strategy, what President Biden is saying?” Tapper continued. “That the Democrats can out organize Republicans on this?”

    “No,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “I appreciate the White House’s optimism, but I believe it verges on naivete.”

    “It already took unprecedented historic organizing to overcome the voter suppression efforts in 2020,” she ludicrously claimed. “And we barely squeaked through on the majority and White House election we have.”

    “Beyond that, even if we are successful in quote, unquote ‘out organizing voter suppression,’ which is a ridiculous premise on its face, Republicans are already laying the groundwork in installing state-level attorney generals and beyond to overturn the results of any state election that they frankly do not like in states where they have taken power,” she went on.

    “And so even if you are successful in out organizing, they’re laying the groundwork to not even certify the results of the election,” she said. “They are holding essentially dress rehearsals in states like Arizona in order to do that. And I think we should be extremely alarmed and it will — we are setting it up to happen unless we pass very strong voter provisions against gerrymandering, voter protection rights not just in HR 4 but we need the retroactive provisions of HR 1.”

    This is indeed worse than anything Donald Trump has said about the election, and it severely undermines Americans’ faith in elections. Donald Trump is talking about election irregularities in swing states in the 2020 election, and she is admitting the election is closer than most Democrats let on. AOC is claiming that Republicans are looking to ‘steal’ elections that haven’t even taken place yet.

    No one in Big Tech would dare label AOC’s posts as ‘misinformation,’ let alone suppress her claims or suspend her on social media platforms. She is literally spreading disinformation and undermining confidence in elections, but no one will lift a finger to do anything about it.


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