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“Are You Gonna Kill Us All?” Chinese Protesters Take on Machine-Gun Wielding Guards Enforcing ‘Covid Zero’ Policy

    Chinese protesters are growing increasingly bold pushing back against the totalitarian Chinese Communist Party’s draconian “Covid Zero” policy, a video taken at Xishuangbanna Airport in Yunnan province on Tuesday reveals.

    ” China starts enforcing its zero-COVID policy with machine guns at Xishuangbanna Airport in Yunnan,” DiscloseTV reported. “People screaming ‘are you gonna kill us all?'”

    As Radio Free Asia reported in June, there are fledgling signs that the Chinese people are becoming highly discontent with mass lockdowns under its ‘Covid Zero’ policy.

    “As the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) continues with large-scale and long-term lockdowns on major cities, mass incarceration in quarantine camps and on university and college campuses, coupled with blanket digital surveillance and control over people’s movements, some signs of mass discontent have begun to emerge,” RFA claimed.

    “Public anger at the policy was glimpsed during the Shanghai lockdown, as residents clattered pots and pans from the relative safety of high-rise balconies, sang protest songs composed for the occasion, or yelled anonymous protests into the night air,” RFA added.

    A Shanghai resident going by the pseudonym Ceausescu, a reference to the infamous communist Romanian leader, said the lockdown had probably forced a lot of people to think about politics.

    “Most people were locked up at home, and they couldn’t even buy food for a while at first, so they had to think about it three times a day,” he said. “Normally, people from Shanghai, people in the middle classes, wouldn’t have to think about such things … they would definitely have felt that their rights had been violated.”

    “The deprivation of personal freedom, loss of control over economic activity, and no guarantee even of basic subsistence would have caused many people to start thinking more about politics, even those who were previously uninterested in the topic,” Ceausescu said.

    “I think if young people are unable to go about their lives in peace, they will definitely stand up,” he added.

    In August, a CNN reporter provided a harrowing glimpse of a lockdown in the capitol city of Beijing.

    The CNN reporter notes that nearly all public life in Beijing has come to a grinding halt over a few dozen cases.

    “Life in Beijing: relentless covid testing & health app that dictates where I go,” Wang wrote on Twitter. “Green code is needed to enter public areas. Red means quarantine/isolation. Authorities track people’s movements thru these apps. Concern is this surveillance will stay long after covid is gone.”

    China’s Covid Zero policy garnered accolades throughout the U.S. press for its purported ability to stop the spread. The Democratic Party’s lack of concern over China’s inhumane perpetual lockdowns is a disturbing sign that the party has no concerns about doing the same to Americans here.


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