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‘Ask the Virus’: Speaker Pelosi Snaps After Being Pressed on COVID Relief Spending

Speaker Nancy Pelosi suggested the United States would have an indefinite series of COVID relief packages, so long as the virus continues to mutate.


“This is a very important issue for us, and as you know, this is a COVID-related legislation,” Pelosi said.

“You talked about the Republicans might take credit for some of the [inaudible] in a couple of days you’re probably going to be down in numbers, the Senate confirmed Marcia Fudge and Deb Haaland, here” the reporter began. “What does that mean with trying to move some of the other parts of your agenda, if you’re down right now to the edge and you’re not getting any help from the other side of the aisle?”

“We’re going to have elections, we are already in the course of one in Louisiana where Mr. Cedric Richmond — person who will come in in that capacity will be here, and then when they are confirmed, and hopefully it will be soon so that they can assume their places in the cabinet of the United States,” she said. “They will have elections and they’ll be replaced.”

Odd phrasing.

“But do you think you’ll be able to get others’ support when it comes to these other initiatives —“ the reporter went on.

“There’s not going to be a problem,” she replied.

“Madam Speaker, I think even last fall when the last COVID relief bill passed, you were already talking about having to do another bill in the new administration,” the reporter continued. “Do you think this is the last primarily COVID bill that you’ll have to take up?”

“You’re just going to have to ask the virus,” Pelosi replied. “If it stops mutating, if it stops spreading and therefore mutating, then this will be — and some of the provisions in here that have a — like the expanded tax and enhanced unemployment insurance benefit that goes until the fall, we’ll just see where we are then. But it’s not anything anybody can predict. It’s just a question of the science. And we will have legislation to address it for as long as it’s there.”

The U.S. Senate on Saturday passed a $1.9 trillion COVID “relief” package.

“The GOP lambasted the relief package, describing it as a wasteful list of Democratic priorities,” CNBC reported. “Frequent targets were the bill’s $350 billion in state, local and tribal aid, along with its $170 billion set aside for K-12 schools and higher education.”

“This isn’t a pandemic rescue package. It’s a parade of left-wing pet projects that they are ramming through during a pandemic,” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said on Friday.


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