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Australian Media Channel *Destroys* Biden in Way an American Channel Would Never Dare

The American media may be pulling their punches when it comes to going after Biden, but the Australian media obviously feels no compunction against giving the current U.S. president a proper verbal takedown.

Recall this is the same U.S. media that spewed daily poison about Donald Trump, and once doesn’t need to be a fan of the former president to notice that rabid bias and toxic negativity of media coverage under that president is remarkable contrast to the softball coverage of Joe Biden.

Alan Jones of Sky News made an extended comment about Biden’s lack of mental acuity following the CNN town hall on Wednesday. In painful clip after painful clip, Jones vivisects the president’s embarrassing responses, some of them virtually unintelligible.

“We are in deep trouble when the leader of the world’s democracies, America, is instructing private companies to abridge the freedom of speech and of the press to the point where big, private companies are acting as functionaries of government,” Jones said.

The Sky News pundit flatly called Biden the ‘cognitively declining’ president before criticizing his town hall performance and the ‘free run’ he is getting from the U.S. press.

“His incoherence goes unchallenged,” Jones said. “CNN are mouthpieces for Biden,” he remarked. Then he began to show clips of Biden at the town hall. Watch:

Jones then proceeds to fact check Biden’s comments in a way the U.S. media would never dare to do. “Who is fact-checking the President of the United States?” he asked.

The Australian pundit rips Biden’s “incoherent rambling” on the “man in the moon” and “aliens” during the town hall. It’s just humiliating. But it’s a must-watch, unlike the CNN town hall.

“According to Nielsen ratings CNN secured an average of 1.46 million viewers between 8 pm and 9:15 pm on Wednesday, which is when the president took the stage,” Sky News reported. “MSNBC came second among the major cable networks, drawing an average of 1.47 million viewers. Fox easily won the night. During the same period on Wednesday, Fox drew an average of 2.76 million viewers for “Tucker Carlson Tonight” and the first segment of ‘Hannity’.”

Jones wasn’t the only Australian pundit to rip Biden’s town hall performance. Rita Panahi remarked that the president’s commments were “incoherent gibberish even by his low standards.”

It is not the first time Alan Jones has strongly criticized Biden, either. In early July, he said Biden is a “bloke who most probably couldn’t find his way home after dark” and there was “no way US President Joe Biden would pass a test to determine his cognitive ability or memory impairment.”


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