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Biden Draws Long Awkward *Blank* at Speech — Then Asks If He is Going to ‘Embarrass’ Coast Guard Lt. Commander

    Joe Biden struggled to remember the name of the Coast Guard Lt. Commander who accompanied him to his first service speech as president.

    His graduation commencement speech was remarkable for his admonishing the Coast Guard grads to ‘clap’ for him after a line he plagiarized from a speech by former Vice President Dick Cheney, but it also demonstrated once again that the president seems to be dealing with significant memory issues.

    “I brought with me a former Academy grad, who now serves as my Coast Guard (indistinguishable),” Biden said, “Lieutenant Commander Jayna ⁠— now I’m going to embarrass her?” he asked while turning to his side.

    “Jayna Mac-Crone of the class of 2007,” he blurted out while closing his eyes.

    The Lieutenant Commander’s name is Jayna McCarron. She has even carried the nuclear football for Donald Trump.

    “US Coast Guard Lt. Cdr. Jayna McCarron, a White House Military Office aide who regularly carries the nuclear  ‘Football’ for Donald Trump, has contracted COVID-19, Jennifer Jacobs has learned,” it was reported. “McCarron last accompanied Trump to Bedminster, NJ, on Thursday.”

    McCarron is obviously back on duty and feeling fine. As for Biden’s remarks, they may not have embarrassed her, but they are embarrassing for many Americans who wonder how this man became president.

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