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Biden Humiliates America in Europe: President Once Again Whips Out Notes to Call on Reporters

President Biden once again made it clear that he is not the one calling the shots in his own administration on his trip to an emergency meeting of NATO in Brussels, Belgium on Thursday.

Biden finally took questions after dodging them throughout the summit, but only after pulling out a notecard and announcing that he would call on predetermined reporters.

“Since there are so many people out there and I’ve been given a list,” he said. “Now, how about Chris of the Associated Press?”

Embarrassing. Just as awkward is when he asks a reporter “who are you?”

Biden had previously avoided taking any unscripted questions from anyone. He was reported as the only world leader to have done so.

Fox News’ Jacqui Heinrich reported that the White House press pulled out the stops to keep him from answering questions.

“Pooled press attempts to ask President Biden a question as he walks to G7 leaders photo op with Japanese PM,” Heinrich reported. “White House official swats press away, saying ‘no no no no no’.”

Watch as the White House press scrambled to keep him from answering questions:

When the president arrived in Belgium, reporters hurled questions at the president, but he promptly ignored them.

She had earlier reported that Biden is the only world leader “who has not stopped to speak to press so far.”

Another Biden embarrassment on the world stage.


Nobody Can ‘Find Biden’ at NATO Summit as World Leaders Awkwardly Seek Him Out

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