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Biden is Once Again Freaking People Out with His ‘Handsy’ Touching of Multiple Girls at Event

    Joe Biden is once again freaking people out by gratuitously touching young persons on the campaign trail.

    Biden was talking to some young people and he reached over and grabbed a girl’s face. He continued touching her while others were trying to talk to the president.

    However, in this case, most seemed to think the president’s handsy behavior was amusing, rather than disturbing. It is unclear if this bemusement was created by social awkwardness, however, belying that young women may not always know how to react to such male attention, which may or may not be appreciated.

    Social media observers, for the most part, believed the behavior was unpresidential and inappropriate.

    “Keep you dirty hands to yourself you filthy trash,” the social media commentator Catturd remarked.

    “What is Biden doing?” TheBlaze account asked in bewilderment.

    “Dude has some kind of sixth sense that lets him lock on to any underage girl in the room,” Jesse Kelly said. “Like a lion finding an injured buffalo on the prairie.”

    It is unknown, however, if the girl Biden met was underage, however, not that this would make a significant difference.

    “People on the left will look at a man complimenting a woman at work and call it sexual assault, but somehow ignore a grown man who can’t keep his hands off children,” Annette Prestia remarked.

    Biden didn’t stop with one girl, however. He made his way down the line exhibiting the same grabby behavior.

    At Irvine Vally Community College on Friday, Biden raised eyebrows by manhandling a young girl while delivering trademark sexually inappropriate lines that have earned him the nickname ‘Creepy Joe.’

    “President Joe Biden grabs a young girl by the shoulder and tells her ‘no serious guys till your 30’ as she looks back appearing uncomfortable, secret service appears to try to stop me from filming it after Biden spoke [at] Irvine Valley Community College,” Kalen D’Almeida reported.

    Biden has exhibited such behavior dozens of times in his political career. Why Democratic voters continue to ignore Biden’s public record of predatory actions against young women is yet more evidence their moral outrage is highly selective, indeed.

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