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Biden Issues Order About Nationally Mandated Masks — While Not Wearing a Mask

    It didn’t take long for the Biden administration to ‘take off the mask’ of its utter hypocrisy within hours of issuing an executive order that mandated masks.

    President Biden, immediately upon entering office, made it a priority to issue the executive order, which orders federal workers and those in federal buildings or lands to always wear a mask.

    The executive order didn’t age well.

    The Commander-in-Chief, presumedly a role model for his own policies, doubled down on the policy. Biden is now asking that Americans mask up until April.

    President Biden made this request while not wearing a mask.

    If he truly believed that wearing masks saved lives, then why is he holding his mask instead of wearing it?

    Again, this is not about social distancing. It is mandated that people on federal land wear masks at all times.

    Here is a photo of Biden without a mask and not socially distancing.

    Another person who isn’t conforming to Biden’s executive order is his own new Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

    Fox News reporter Peter Doocy destroyed Psaki over Biden’s mask mandate hypocrisy. Watch:

    Psaki stumbled while coming up with a lame excuse and then finally came up with one: Biden was “celebrating.” This is what she said:

    He was celebrating an evening of a historic day…He was surrounded by his family…We have bigger issues to worry about.”

    This was instantly met with ridicule:

    The mask mandates have been exposed repeatedly as an order that is meant for plebes, but not for governors like Andrew Cuomo, mayors like Lori Lightfoot, or even presidents like Joe Biden.

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