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U.S. Appeals Court Deals Biden Administration a Devastating Series of Blows Against Its Federal Vaccine Mandate

    The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit is not allowing the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to transfer an important case on Biden’s federal vaccine mandate to a more favorable left-wing court venue.

    The appeals court notes that OSHA’s earlier motion to dissolve the stay issued by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals is rejected as “moot.” Furthermore, the court rejected the government’s attempt to amend the briefing schedule and it denied the motion to suspend the hearing pending the outcome of a related case. It also dismissed the addition of several amicus briefings as “moot” but added two parties to the case (“IEC” and “IEC – FL.”)

    The court also rejected a transfer to a Washington D.C. court that the defendants undoubtedly believed was a more favorable venue. OSHA is attempting to drag out the hearing of the case, as companies continue to do the bidding of the Biden administration, but the court is having none of it.

    The ruling can be read in full below:

    U.S. Sixth District Court of Appeals Rules Against OSHA’s Motions by Kyle Becker on Scribd

    Earlier this week, the Biden administration received another legal setback in a U.S. District Court in Louisiana that led to the blocking of the Biden federal vaccine mandate in all 50 states. The court case can be read in full below:

    Louisiana vs. Becerra, Et Al.: Biden Injunction Blocked in All 50 States by Kyle Becker on Scribd

    Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) responded to the ruling: “Great news for Montana healthcare workers: A federal judge just granted our request for an injunction on the CMS vaccine mandate. This unlawful mandate is now blocked in all 50 states.”


    Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Suffers Another Devastating Blow: ‘This Unlawful Mandate is Now Blocked in All 50 States’

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