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President Biden Once Again Insults Americans by Only Taking Questions from Pre-Approved Reporters

President Biden continues to act like the office is merely a stageplay and public officials are but bit actors.

On Monday, amid multiple crises brewing in the United States and around the world, the president once again made it clear that he is simply there to read a script and respond to pre-approved journalists. Watch:

“Questions?” Biden said.

“Should Americans be worried, sir?” a reporter tried to ask.

“Let me call on Nancy, Bloomberg,” he said.

“Thank you so much, President Biden,” the reporter replied, gratefully.

This is a shtick that has been reused constantly throughout the Biden presidency. The nominal president famously waited over 64 days to hold his first press conference, and when he finally gave one, he constantly referred to his notes.

Biden, after taking a question from Zeke Miller of the Associated Press, fumbles around with his notes and takes peeks at it throughout his answer.

“Well, I’m — look,” Biden said and paused, then began looking through a booklet of scripted answers. “When, uh, when I took office I, uh, decided that it was a fairly basic, simple proposition. And that is, I got elected to solve problems.”

“And the most urgent problems facing the American people I stated from the outset,” he contiued, “was COVID-19 and the economic dislocation for millions and millions of Americans.”

Those problems still haven’t been solved, despite the president’s promises to the contrary during his campaign.


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