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Biden Provokes Fierce Backlash to Anti-Parent Remarks: ‘There’s No Such Thing as Someone Else’s Child!’

During a speech at the White House, President Joe Biden’s remarks on parenting have triggered a strong backlash, with critics accusing him of promoting communist-style ideology.

Biden downplayed the role of parents in their children’s upbringing, advocating for a belief that all members of society should have an equal say in raising a child, a view aligned with Marxist principles.

The president made these comments while honoring educators at the White House who were nominated for the 2023 Teachers of the Year. Biden’s remarks quickly gained traction on social media, with many expressing concern and disapproval of his views on parenting.

Critics of Biden’s comments condemned his stance as an infringement on parental rights and an overreach of government into family dynamics. They argued that parents, not the state or society, should have the primary responsibility for raising their children and making decisions about their upbringing.

“I never thought, as a student of history, I never thought I’d be a president who’s fighting against elected officials trying to ban and banning books,” Biden said.

“I’ve never met a parent wants a politician dictating what their kid can learn and what they can think, or who they can be.”

He then quoted Rebecka Peterson, a calculus teacher from Oklahoma who had been named teacher of the year:

“Rebecka put a teacher’s creed into words when she said, ‘There’s no such thing as someone else’s child.’

“No such thing as someone else’s child!” Biden repeated.

“Our nation’s children are all our children,” he added.

But the backlash to the Marxist claim came fast and furious on social media.

“My Children do not belong to you or the government,” activist Ryan Cunningham responded to Biden’s claim. “Keep your perverted hands and government away from them.”

“Parents, your children are NOT property of the state,” replied Rep. Mary Miller (R-IL). “This is not the Soviet Union. You must stand up for Parental Rights!”

“This is insane,” Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s campaign tweeted. “The government isn’t a replacement for family. That’s why Governor DeSantis has always stood strong for parental rights.”

A number of people objected to the president’s inherent hypocrisy of supporting abortion.

“So if you have an abortion you just killed my child,” Life News responded.

There were some who mocked Biden for the way he raised his son Hunter Biden.

Biden’s remarks have sparked a fierce rebuke, with many voicing their disagreement and concern over what they perceive as a promotion of Marxist ideology in relation to parenting. The president’s comments have further fueled the ongoing debate over the role of government and parents in raising children in America, with strong opinions on both sides of the issue.

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