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Biden Supporters are Nowhere to Be Found, As He Gets Blasted at New Jersey Stop for ‘Leaving Americans Behind’

There were no Biden supporters to be found in New Jersey on Tuesday, as the president toured the devastation wrought by Hurricane Ida. Much like during the 2020 election campaign, Biden’s theoretical supporters were invisible as he got lambasted by citizens angry at the Commander-in-Chief for “leaving Americans behind.”

“My best friend died in 2011 in Afghanistan for what?” a man can be heard asking Biden, who was talking to law enforcement officers at the time. “For this guy to pull this s—? You leave them in ruins and leave Americans behind!”

“We will leave YOU behind,” the man added.

That wasn’t the worst of it, however. There were several profanity-laced episodes caught on video.

“Fu*k you Joe Biden. Fu*k you, Motherfu**er. Leave our solders and Americans behind. Piece of sh*t. Bastard. Fu*k YOU!” protesters shouted.

“No supporters showed up for Biden in New Jersey — but dozens of Trump supporters lined the streets to tell Joe what they thought of him,” Benny Johnson remarked.

There weren’t any cheers for Biden. There wasn’t a Biden flag or a bumper sticker or any kind of supporter in sight. The only thing waiting for the president: America.

The president’s approval numbers are tanking so dramatically that they may put congressional districts at risk in the mid-terms. A new poll shows that damage Biden is doing to the Democratic Party.

“President Biden’s approval rating is under water in seven key congressional districts Democrats are defending in 2022, according to a GOP-aligned polling group, a sign of possible trouble for the party as it looks to protect its narrow House majority next year,” the Hill reported.

“Polling conducted by the GOP firm Remington Research Group for the conservative American Action Network (AAN) shows Biden’s net approval rating averaging minus 7 percentage points in those seven districts, which span six states,” the report added.

It is hard to see how the Democratic Party continues to keep Biden at the forefront of its brand over the next four years. Biden’s presidency is already shaping up to be one of the worst in U.S. history.


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