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Biden Tells Whopper So Big During Super Bowl Interview Clip It Will Take Americans’ Breath Away

Biden appeared in a CBS interview clip for the Super Bowl pregame show and in the interview he tells a whopper so big it will take Americans’ breath away. Watch:

“The circumstances related to how the administration is handling COVID is even more dire than we thought,” Biden said, seemingly referring to his own administration.

“The Trump administration,” Norah O’Donnell helpfully clarified, as if coaching Biden to get his story straight.

“The Trump administration,” Biden confirmed. “We thought it indicated that there is a lot more vaccine available and it didn’t turn out to be the case.”

“So, that’s why we’ve ramped up everywhere we can,” he continued, “I got a call through Commissioner Goodell saying that we can have all 32 NFL stadiums available for mass vaccinations.”

“Are you going to use them?” O’Donnell asked. “NFL stadiums to vaccinate?”

“Absolutely we will,” Biden replied.

This was a good question, given NY Governor’s Cuomo’s inability and/or refusal to use the resources that Trump had helpfully provided during the pandemic.

“I mean, let me put it this way,” Biden went on. “I am going to tell my team they’re available and I believe we’ll use them.”

Then comes the big whopper.

“Look,” he said. “It was one thing if we had enough vaccine, which we didn’t. So, we are pushing as hard as we can to get more vaccine manufactured.”

“You’re the president,” O’Donnell stammered.

Dr. Fauci previously has had to set the narrative straight that the Biden administration had to ‘build everything from scratch’ in regards to the vaccine rollout.

“We certainly are not starting from scratch because there is activity going on in the distribution,” Fauci said.

Biden’s original vaccine plan: 100 million vaccine doses in 100 days. It has been posed as extremely ambitious, but in comparison to the vaccine rollout from the prior Trump administration, it is virtually identical.

“The seven-day rolling average of coronavirus vaccines administered to Americans is 914,000, according to the Bloomberg vaccine tracker, with 1.6 million doses administered on Wednesday alone,” National Review reported. “Biden’s plan calls for a million Americans to be vaccinated each day.”

“When asked by a reporter whether the goal to vaccinate one million people per day is not ambitious enough, Biden said that the goal was a ‘good start,’” the report continued. “When I announced it you all said it wasn’t possible. Come on, give me a break, man,” Biden said.

CNN bridled about Biden’s claim that reporters called the plan impossible in a “fact check.”

Biden’s claim is false; it’s not true that there was an initial media consensus that the 100 million goal was impossible. Some of the early news coverage of the goal did not even question whether it was plausible.

The Trump administration’s roll-out was on pace to fulfill the Biden administration’s projected vaccine needs. For Biden to claim anything different, is an abject lie. And for this puff interview to air in a Super Bowl pre-game, along with all the woke language and race-shaming, is just another case of the media propping up a president in ways it never would have done for Trump.

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