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Biden Turns His Back After Shouting Angry Speech at Americans, Then Comes Back for One Last Thing

    President Joe Biden decided to try a new delivery with Americans who are upset about his catastrophic exit from Afghanistan. He yelled at them.

    On Tuesday, after showing up more than an hour late, Biden boasted about his “successful” exit from the wartorn nation, which was able to get “90%” of Americans who wanted to come home, by his own admission.

    Thus, he betrayed his promise to the American people to get everyone home or to stay in Afghanistan until they were safe.

    President Biden once again attempted to blame his predecessor Donald Trump for the disaster, while at the same time touting the evacuation efforts as one of the most successful rescue operations in history.

    At the end of the press conference, Biden once again showed that he does not feel any accountability to the American people. He turned his back at his press conference, but then came back for the most frivolous of reasons, amidst questions shouted at him at the last second.

    The president forgot his mask. He couldn’t even look at the American people and answer for his disastrous decisions.

    Biden called for people to “look to the future” after his calamitous decisions. But the American people will not forget the way that he left Americans behind and got 13 of its precious soldiers killed. No matter how much he yells about it.


    Tom Cotton: ‘Joe Biden Kept His Promise to the Taliban and Broke His Promise to Americans’

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