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Biden Walks Up to Reporter, Says 4 Words — Now Watch the Microphone

President Joe Biden’s schedule is looking pretty empty nowadays.

The “missing” president is avoiding press briefings, State of the Union addresses, and his vice president is taking solo meetings with world leaders. Biden has still somehow found time to sell his wasteful COVID package with a pointless football-spiking “Help is Here” road show with Kamala Harris.

Meanwhile, there is trouble brewing on the border with Mexico. You know the border crisis is serious when even the Democrats’ PR team in the mainstream press has begun to ask questions.

Such as the alarming 13,000-plus children being held in the migrant-detention-facilities-formerly-known-as-kids-in-cages. And all because they heard Biden was a “nice guy.”

So when the press tried to get answers out of the president, answers that he shunned at his first prime time address on Thursday, it all sets up for a potentially ‘viral’ moment.

“Do you have any plans to travel to the southern border?” a reporter asked. Watch his response:

After a long walk and a pause he replies with four words, “Not at the moment.”

The moment was hilariously parodied on social media.


Most bizarrely of all, people couldn’t figure out why Biden’s hand suddenly jumped in front of a microphone in the video.

So many questions.

There is so much about the Biden presidency that is fake. Is this video another one of them?


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