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Biden’s DHS Sec. Threatens Cuban Refugees Fleeing Communism: Do Not Come Here ‘Illegally’

    The Biden administration has never met a political refugee it didn’t like. That is, of course, Cuban refugees fleeing a disastrous communist dictatorship.

    On Tuesday, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas issued a warning to Cubans seeking to come to the United States: Do not come here “illegally.”

    “Allow me to be clear, if you take to the sea, you will not come to the United States,” Mayorkas said. “Again, I repeat, do not risk your life attempting to enter the United States illegally. You will not come to the United States.”

    The Biden administration has rolled out a welcome mat for illegal migrants at the U.S. southern border. It has dangled welfare benefits like free healthcare, legal services, and transportation all across the U.S. Biden has personally met with illegal aliens in the Oval Office on multiple occasions. The White House is even pushing for millions of immigrants to apply for U.S. citizenship.

    These policies have fueled the ongoing border crisis, despite Kamala Harris’s lip service to Guatemalans ‘do not come here.’ The New York Post recently put the explosion of illegal migrants in historical perspective.

    “In January 2021, the CBP took 78,442 migrants into custody. In February, the figure climbed to 100,441,” Karol Markowicz points out. “Then came the real spikes. In March, there were 173,337; in April, 178,854; May, 180,034. These astronomical numbers represent a massive increase in the number of migrants coming in over previous years. The 2021 figures are up 25 percent to 35 percent from pre-pandemic 2019. Indeed, the total for this year is on pace to be higher than we have seen in 20 years.”

    In June, the Department of Homeland Security actually changed asylum rules to literally fly in migrants from Central American countries.

    “The Biden administration this week changed immigration policies to allow children from Central American countries to fly to the US on the taxpayers’ dime, and will allow migrants to seek asylum if they claim they are the victims of violence or crime — actions that come amid the backdrop of a record-smashing surge of migrants arriving at the border,” Mark Moore reported.

    “The Department of Homeland Security and the State Department on Tuesday announced that they have expanded the Obama-era Central American Minors program that ​allows children under 21 from the Northern Triangle countries of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador with pending asylum claims to fly to the US to be reunited with a family member,” the report added.

    That’s quite a remarkable contrast in selective application of asylum. While Cuban refugees undoubtedly qualify for political refugee status is in the clearest application of the law, the Biden administration is shunning them from coming to America.

    On the other hand, the administration has stretched refugee status those for whom it is not intended; namely, those simply facing hardship due to their country’s poor economic policies.

    When combined with the Biden administration’s refusal to condemn the Cuban government for its communist rule by name, one is led to conclude that DHS’s hostility towards the fleeing Cuban refugees is providing aid and cover to a dictatorial socialist regime. But it is more than that: It is providing aid to the Democratic Party’s increasingly authoritarian regime by keeping out potential migrants and future U.S. citizens who would be hostile to its socialist agenda.

    Once again, the Democratic Party is looking at its own bottom line over that of the morally right thing to do. When it views Cubans fleeing a communist regime to come to Florida, they see possible future voters who will keep the state red. In the Republican sense, of course.


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