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Biden’s Hug of Child on Texas Stop Proves to Be Very Controversial

Biden loves “kids better than people.” He has told us so on multiple occasions.

So, maybe he couldn’t restrain himself from hugging an adorable child at his belated visit to Texas after its freeze disaster.

It seems like Biden just can’t keep his hands off of children.

While Biden can double or even triple-mask as much as he wants, the fact is that masks were never meant to be a replacement for social distancing.

His own exalted High Councilor on Coronavirus, Dr. Fauci, specifically forbid hugging outside of one’s close family back in December.

“When will we be able to hug our families?” some children asked Dr. Fauci at a CNN/Sesame Street town hall.

“You know, it really depends. I think if you’re in the immediate household and it’s part of the household and it’s not someone who’s maybe coming in and traveling when you’re in the household with your mother, your father, even your grandparents, yeah, you can give them hugs,” Fauci replied.

In his unofficial role as the Hugs Czar, Dr. Fauci more recently issued a pronouncement on familial embraces. But if you’re thinking about hugging your kid, there’s a catch: You should all be vaccinated.

“For example, if you’re vaccinated and you have a member of your family vaccinated — someone [who] has not lived with you — can you actually be with them without a mask?” he asked himself. “Can I sit down and give them a hug and things like that? And the answer is very likely, of course, you can.”

Biden is thus once again violating the COVID edicts being dispensed by his administration. This is in addition to things like needing a reminder to wear a mask:

Biden also issued a national mask mandate for federal workers, then turned around and violated his order on the same day.

Whether it’s hugs, masks, or social distancing, the elites can’t even pretend to keep their illegal orders straight. They insist we all follow rules that they can’t even follow themselves. It is precisely the kind of thing America was founded to put a stop to — the rules apply to everyone, including overly touchy presidents.


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