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Biden’s Out-of-Control Gaffe Spree: Listen to ‘CCD,’ Go to ‘Vaccine Dot Gum’ if Concerned About COVID

    Joe Biden went on a gaffe spree on Tuesday while performing his acting duties as U.S. president. The mainstream media stopped the presses to give Biden the floor for a message on COVID meant to reassure the American people. What it did was anything but that.

    Biden kicked things off by telling the American people to listen to the “CCD” on COVID-19. Now, it’s not clear if he meant the CCP, which is the Chinese Communist Party, or the CDC, which is the Centers for Disease Control, but either way, people are likely to get the same level of misinformation.

    “That’s why I’m asking people to continue to follow CCD guidance — CDC guidelines as we work to get more and more people vaccinated. And to clear up any confusion, the good news is that last week, the CDC said that vaccinated people do not need to wear their masks outside. Unless they’re in very crowded settings like a sporting event. And if we can continue to drive vaccinations up and caseloads down, we’ll need our mask even less and less.”

    Then, Biden made a “repeated” gaffe: He told people to go to “vaccine dot gum” for more information on getting the COVID-19. Watch:

    This is at least as bad as the “go to Joe 30330” gaffe during the 2020 campaign. It appears that Biden’s brain malfunctions are only getting worse as president. Who could have seen that coming?


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