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Biden’s Secretive Walter Reed Visit is Exposed by Marine Dad’s Account He Was Not ‘Welcomed’

President Joe Biden and the First Lady Jill Biden made a visit to Walter Reed Medical Center on Saturday. The entire visit was shrouded in secrecy. The pool reporters were forced to remain outside, lest there be a documented blow-up with a military or family member.

However, the press did confirm that the Bidens did go to Walter Reed hospital for approximately one hour and forty-eight minutes. The soldiers the Bidens reportedly met with were not named, and thus could not be confirmed to have been injured during the suicide bomb attacks at Kabul airport that killed 13 U.S. service members, as Becker News first reported.

The president and first lady making their way into Walter Reed was captured on C-SPAN.

As was the Biden’s departure later that evening.

While it is unknown for certain how the meetings between the Bidens and the wounded soldiers transpired, one critical account provided by a wounded Marine’s father is consistent with those provided by Gold Star family members who met with President Biden prior to the dignified transfer last Sunday.

The Marine father’s account, provided by TXBlueStar & Marine Dad on Twitter, asked Jesse Kelly for prayers on August 26 about his son, who was reported to be on the ground in Kabul on the day of the suicide bombings.

The father in the following days provided updates on the status of his son, who was sent to Walter Reed.

“Finally heard from our son! He has a severe concussion. Both ear drums ruptured. Both of his arms are broken and one leg,” the Marine dad said. “But thank God he is alive! He is safely in Germany and his mama bear is on the way to his side. Thank you all for your prayers!”

“Yesterday was the toughest day of my life. My son had a severe infection in his leg and irreparable damage so the decision was made to do a below the knee amputation.”

“My son is heading home. Next stop Walter Reed. Still a very long road ahead but glad he will be back in the states,” the father continued.

“At my sons side today. He is in good spirits all things considered. Infection is under control and thanks be to God his hearing is coming back.”

However, it was when the president reportedly tried to visit his son that the Marine dad initially said that he was not ‘welcomed’; however he deleted these tweets after he said that he received ‘abuse’ over them.

“After all the abuse taken from my tweet on Biden’s attempt to visit last night we decided as a family to remove it. Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers.”

The Marine’ dad’s tweet had said:

“Biden had the audacity to try to visit my son this evening. He was not welcomed. He is lucky I am a calm person…My daughter told me to stand down.”

The Marine dad also railed against the president and military generals in a subsequent tweet.

“The leadership in the Pentagon namely General Milley failed our troops and the Biden administration’s bumbling of the situation in Afghanistan is the reason 13 of our Soldiers died…So forgive me if I don’t want to meet the man who put my son in harms way. He has blood on his hands. I will never get over what happened on the 26th of August ever!”

After receiving criticism, he felt the need to address those harrassing him over his testimonial.

“My son will never be whole again physically or mentally. He was yards away from being in a grave himself. Yet people tell us to get over it? It was his job. REALLY! Shame on them. I pray nothing bad ever happens to their child.”

The father’s account accompanies an odd level of secrecy over Biden’s visit. This stands in contrast with visits from previous presidents, such as former presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump.

While the Biden administration can claim that it was seeking to respect the privacy of the families with its discreet behavior, the desire to avoid another public relations nightmare, such as the one ensuing from his meeting with Gold Star families, is a more plausible one. After all, if any president who could use some positive press coverage from meeting military families at this point, it is Joe Biden.


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