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Big Tech Thought Police Go to Most Extreme Lengths Yet to Censor Everything Trump Says on Youtube

Social media giant Youtube is going to the most extreme lengths yet to censor everything former president Donald Trump has to say to the national audience.

On Thursday, the Google-owned company announed that it was scrubbing all the videos from Donald Trump’s electrifying CPAC speech from Sunday.

“YouTube deletes all videos of President Trump’s CPAC speech, suspends RSBN for two weeks,” Breaking 911 reported on Twitter.

However, it appears that Youtube has not gotten around to deleting the following Trump videos on Sunday, which are based on RSBN coverage.

“The channel remains suspended due to the risk of incitement to violence,” Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki said in a Reuters interview.

The following highlights are also still posted:

Of course, it’s important that anyone who wants to know what Donald Trump has to say back up his speeches and news on a free platform like Rumble.

“Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN) said it has been suspended by YouTube for two weeks because it broadcast former President Donald Trump’s Feb. 28 speech,” the Epoch Times reported.

RSBN said that YouTube claimed the video “violated their guidelines on election misinformation.”

“The video was approaching 4 million views. They have also removed it from their platform,” RSBN wrote on Twitter.

The network also gave more insight into what happened.

The news comes on the same day that Youtube was looking into restoring Donald Trump’s account, given that U.S. law enforcement gave the channel authorization.

“The channel remains suspended due to the risk of incitement to violence,” Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki said about Trump’s account in a Reuters interview.

“YouTube suspended Trump’s channel for violating policies against inciting violence after the assault on the U.S. Capitol by the former president’s supporters in January,” Reuters reported.

Of course, Youtube provided no evidence that Donald Trump is any way responsible for the security threats.

Donald Trump Jr. reacted to the disturbing news.

“This sort of manipulation and interference only shows how much weight these monopolies put on the scale of freedom,” Donald Trump Jr. reacted. “It’s never going to end until we all band together to stop it.”


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