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Bizarre Twist in McCarthy Saga as GOP Rebel Matt Gaetz Suggests He’s Not ‘Man’ Enough to Share What He Told Him

    California Representative Kevin McCarthy is having quite the hard time securing the House Speaker gavel.

    A persistent thorn in McCarthy’s side has been Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz, who has consistently defied voting for McCarthy. Gaetz has been one of 20 Republicans who have repeatedly voted against McCarthy. Many of them have rallied behind Florida Rep. Byron Donalds, who was nominated by Chip Roy (R-TX) and Lauren Boebert (R-CO). Here are the 20 GOP “rebels,” as the corporate press have dubbed them:

    Fox News’ Chad Pergram has now added another bizarre twist to the McCarthy-Gaetz saga. According to Gaetz, the two met for a conversation and McCarthy apologized, but allegedly would not do so publicly.

    “It was very strange to me that when I went into the meeting with Leader McCarthy,” Gaetz said, per Pergram. “He apologized to me for saying things that weren’t true about our discussions.”

    “I said, ‘Well, Mr. McCarthy, if you will apologize to me, will you share that apology publicly?’ And he said, ‘No. you wouldn’t.’ A real man will apologize publicly if they’ve said things that are not true publicly. And we are not getting that from Mr. McCarthy,” Gaetz continued.


    “He’s a desperate guy whose vote share is dropping with every subsequent vote,” Gaetz added. “And I’m ready to vote all night, all week, all month, and never for that person.”

    “When he comes out and heads back to his squatting in the Speaker’s Office..ask him if he apologized there to me in private and ask him why in my discussion with him he was so reticent to come share that perspective with all of you,” Gaetz said.

    The House adjourned on Wednesday after the sixth vote for Speaker failed to secure the 218 votes needed for McCarthy to succeed. All 212 Democrats voted for New York Democrat Hakeem Jeffries.


    McCarthy Loses 6TH BID for Speaker, GOP Rebellion Rallies Around a New Name for Leadership

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