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Bombshell: Dems Knew About Capitol Riot Plans ‘for Months’ in Advance of Capitol Building Attack

In an explosive new revelation, House Democrats at the Trump impeachment trial revealed they warned the now-resigned capitol police chief days before the attack on the capitol building.

Furthermore, recent admissions prove Democrats knew the capitol siege was coming months in advance.

House impeachment manager Rep. Stacey Plaskett revealed the explosive information at the second day of the Trump impeachment trial, although it undercuts the Democrats’ entire narrative that Trump “incited” the riot.

“The day before the rioters stormed the Congress an FBI office in Virginia also issued an explicit warning that extremists were preparing to travel to Washington to commit violence and, quote, war, according to internal reports,” she said.

“Leading up to the event there were hundreds, hundreds of posts online showing that his supporters took this as a call to arms to attack the Capitol,” she continued. “There were detailed posts of plans to attack online. Law enforcement warned that these posts were real threats and even made arrests days leading up to the attack.”

Plaskett stretched her argument to suggest that Donald Trump must have seen these plans and colluded with these groups, which is fact-free speculation reminiscent of the Russia collusion hoax.

It doesn’t cover up the fact that the Congress was warned in particular about the nature of the threats, including for “months” in advance. The realization among Democrats and radical groups that there was a strong potential for a tinderbox situation in Washington D.C. following a ‘contested’ election was recently disclosed in an explosive Time article. The narrative that Donald Trump might ‘incite’ a protest, therefore, can be traced back to early last year.

Rep. Maxine Waters also revealed in an exclusive interview just after the capitol building uprising she warned the capitol police chief days prior to the attack:

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) said the outgoing Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund ignored warnings that an attack by domestic terrorists was imminent days before insurrectionists imposed their will and overtook the hallowed government building on Jan. 6.

“First of all, to the families of those who died, they need to sue the U.S. government because the Capitol Police and others who had the responsibility of organizing security for this event failed,” she claimed.

“Either they are incompetent, or they lied, or they’re complicit,” she stated. “This is a very complicated combination of individuals and operations that I think played a role in this attack on our Capitol.”

“I had an hour-long conversation with the [now former] chief of police of the Capitol days before this took place. I brought the issue about security up in our caucus, and the head of the House administration had the Capitol police chief call me,” she continued. “I asked him what he would do to keep these so-called protesters off of the Plaza and not close to the Capitol, and he assured me that there would be barricades and that they would not get anywhere near the Capitol.”

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Those barricades would be moved by the Capitol Police themselves, while other officers welcomed in the protesters, even kindly opening the doors for them and giving them salutations, such as, “I disagree with it, but I respect it.” At another point in the protest, as a horned self-described shaman took over the Senate chamber, Capitol Police stood idly by and made weak exhortations to stop.

The former Capitol Police chief Steven Sund, forced to resign under heavy pressure from Democrats, has fired back a response to Speaker Pelosi. It undercuts the Democrats’ narrative that there were no requests made for heavier security. In fact, the Congress was warned six times before the capitol riots, and yet, the House and Senate Sergeant at Arms, also both resigned, failed to act upon those requests.

The U.S. Congress was warned at least three days in advance of the capitol riots that there was a high potential of violence erupting at the nation’s capitol.

The realization among Democrats and radical groups that there was a strong potential for a tinderbox situation in Washington D.C. following a ‘contested’ election was recently disclosed in an explosive recent Time article. The narrative that Donald Trump might ‘incite’ a protest, therefore, originated at least nine months in advance.

In addition to all of this prior reportage, there is a brand-new report that traces potential foreign interference in fomenting extremist right-wing groups to attack the capitol. The FBI is now investigating such potential foreign ties that stem back to early December:

The FBI is now investigating whether foreign governments, organizations or individuals provided financial support to extremists who helped plan and execute the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, one current and one former FBI official told NBC News.

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