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Boston Mayor Michelle Wu’s Instagram Live Goes Hilariously Wrong When She Asks for Feedback on Covid Handling

    Boston Mayor Michelle Wu should be given some credit for at least having the guts to do an Instagram live session with the general public on her handling of the Covid pandemic. Let’s just hope that her experience was “enlightening.”

    She opened up her comments to the public and it got out of hand quickly. Watch her facial expression as the reactions come streaming in. It is quite glorious.

    “Why do you hate kids? Teachers? Cops? Firemen?” one user asked.

    “You’re ruining the city. End the mandates,” another commented.

    “When will you stop destroying the city with this mandate,” yet another added.

    She tries to put on a brave face, but the avalanche of angry remarks eventually leads to cringe under the withering public response.

    The video is already making waves on social media.

    Mayor Wu announced on Thursday that Boston will not lift its mask mandate for public schools at the end of the month. Wu recently launched an indoor vaccine mandate, as well as “B together” vaccine passports. She laid down her demands to the general public for dropping the vaccine mandates.

    The data makes clear that Bostons policies to boost vaccination and public health have been working, and we are coming down from the recent Omicron-driven surge, said Wu. Im encouraged by the current trends and grateful to the Boston Public Health Commission and all our partners for strong leadership to keep us heading in the right direction. The fastest way to help ensure we are relieving pressure on hospital capacity and driving down community positivity is to keep closing gaps with vaccination and boosters.

    The Omicron variant was first detected in South Africa, where it spread like wildfire before the “generally mild” virus burned out on its own in 6-8 weeks, despite a vaccination rate of just 33% for one dose.

    The dirty secret that public health officials don’t want to share with the public is that natural immunity confers equivalent protection as vaccinated immunity but lasts longer. Massachusetts has a prior infection rate of 69%, according to CDC-backed data, suggesting a high level of natural immunity.

    This is the closest thing to public shaming of clueless politicians that Americans can get nowadays. Soak it up and keep it coming.


    New Study: 99% of All Covid Prior Infections Resulted in ‘Natural Immunity’ That Lasted at Least 650 Days

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