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CDC Panel Unanimously Votes to Add Covid-19 Shots to Childhood Vaccines Schedule

The CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) held its vote to add Covid-19 shots to its childhood vaccination schedule on Wednesday. Watch as the committee members voiced their votes on the controversial measure.

The ACIP panel voted unanimously 15-0 for the CDC to recommend that children get the Covid-19 vaccines and boosters. The CDC is now almost certain to add the Covid shots to its ‘Childhood Vaccines Schedule,’ which schools often rely upon to mandate ‘vaccines’ in order to attend public school.

The CDC earlier opened up its scheduled vote for public comment and received fierce blowback. Tens of thousands of comments poured into the CDC, the great majority seemingly in direct opposition to the vote to add the Covid vaccines to the childhood schedule. You can read more comments and add your own here.

ACIP’s decision to add the Covid shots is based on hidden data and in defiance of the minute Covid risk factors for healthy children, particularly for healthy children who have natural immunity due to a prior infection. In the United States, there is near-universal antibody seroprevalence due to prior infection. The Covid shots have known adverse events. It is a scientific fact that they do not stop the spread of the virus.

As Dr. Marty Makary, a Johns Hopkins medical professor, recently said on Tucker Carlson’s show about the childhood Covid vax vote: “There has never been a vaccine added to the child immunization schedule without solid clinical evidence that reduces disease significantly in the community. The Covid vaccine in children will be the first, it will be added with no clinical data. And many of us that are saying, ‘Hey, let’s see the data.’ We’re basically told, ‘Stop asking questions’.”

The CDC panel’s vote also comes amidst the Moderna CEO admitting that Covid is now essentially “like the flu.” There are no mandatory annual childhood flu vaccinations and Covid was never more of a risk to healthy young children than the seasonal flu.

The committee’s decision will be highly consequential not only for the children who will be subjected to a long-term regime of mRNA shots for Covid-19, regardless of their risk factors or known adverse effects, such as myocarditis and pericarditis, but it will be a boon to pharmaceutical companies that are seeking liability protection once-and-for-all for the Covid shots.

As pointed out by Robert Kennedy Jr., who runs the Children’s Health Defense, and who has a track record of opposing various vaccines, the real agenda at play here is to ensure Big Pharma can never be sued over the Covid shots.

“So they’re never going to market a vaccine, allow people access to a vaccine, an approved vaccine, without getting liability protection,” Kennedy Jr. said in a clip on Mikhaila Peterson’s podcast. “And now, the Emergency Use Authorization vaccines have liability protection under the PREP Act and the CARES Act. So as long as… you take an emergency use, you can’t sue them. Once they get approved, now you can sue ’em, unless they can get it recommended for children. Because all vaccines that are recommended, officially recommended for children get it, liability protection. Even if an adult gets that vaccine. That’s why they’re going after kids.”

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